Alaska cruise on the Chichagof: Off to a shaky start , still no luggage

ABOARD THE CHICHAGOF DREAM — The next day we wake up really early because we’re still on Eastern Time: 4 hours difference. First thing I do is call the airline because supposedly a flight has arrived. But the airline says no, the bag did not make it and in fact they report that they think the bag is in Boston and no one can figure out why the bag is in Boston. The first two legs of …

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Alaska cruise on the Chichagof: Where is my luggage?

Day Zero. (Before the cruise) The cruise has not yet begun and disaster has already struck! My checked luggage did not arrive in Juneau with me. Alaskan Airlines is making every effort to assure me that everything is under control, and the bag “should” arrive on the next flight, which is tomorrow morning…the day the cruise is to begin. I’m thinking ahead. If it doesn’t show up tomorrow, how will the bag catch up with me? Will …

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Alaska’s Frontier and Wilderness Quest Cruise on board the Chichagof

Well, of course I’m excited. I’m preparing to go on Alaskan Dream Cruises Chichagof this coming week. And though I’ve traveled to 90 countries, I’ve never been to Alaska. When asked by friends why I haven’t been before, I usually respond with, “I’m saving the easy trips for when I get older.” To which a friend (?) replied, I don’t think you should wait any longer. Harumpphhh! I live in Hollywood, Florida (the OTHER Hollywood), and one …

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A Cruise to Magical Halong Bay, Vietnam

Come along as we visit Halong Bay, Vietnam, on the Bahaya QN-6259. This is an overnight cruise. To answer the perennial question: How long to Halong Bay? It’s a 4 hour bus ride from Hanoi to the cruise ship, with a mandatory stop at a huge tourist shop. It’s best to show you, rather than tell you about it. Take a look!

Aqua Mekong Plies the Mekong River: Cambodia to Vietnam

This video takes us on a week long journey down the Mekong River, from Cambodia to Vietnam, aboard the Aqua Mekong. The Aqua Mekong is a 205′ vessel, operated by Aqua Expeditions. It holds a maximum of 40 passengers, and does so in teak-clad luxury. This video is longer than my usual videos, because I felt, to produce a shorter video would have been to do an injustice to an amazing week. Through the use of the …

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If You’re Doing This, Go Here (Angkor Wat)   If you are taking a Mekong River cruise, the chances are pretty good that it will begin or end in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And if you are traveling that far, you won’t want to pass up a chance to scratch Angkor Wat Temple from your bucket list. Here is a little peek into what you will see in the world’s largest religious monument. We were on our way to embark on the Aqua Mekong river …

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A Beautiful Day in Newport, Rhode Island

A number of cruise ships, large and small, stop at Newport, Rhode Island. The larger ships tend to stop there in the fall, as that is when the town is less crowded. All of which makes perfect sense to me. Being from New England myself, Newport held a special attraction for me. As I now live in Florida, I had not been to Newport since about when I was in the fifth grade on a school outing …

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Fathom’s Adonia Sets Sail on Inaugural to Cuba

Fathom’s Adonia Sets Sail on Inaugural to Cuba…the first cruise ship to sail from the United States to Cuba in 50 years. The ship left the Port of Miami at 4:15 today, 1 May 2016, for a one week cruise around Cuba.  

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