Aqua Mekong Plies the Mekong River: Cambodia to Vietnam

This video takes us on a week long journey down the Mekong River, from Cambodia to Vietnam, aboard the Aqua Mekong. The Aqua Mekong is a 205′ vessel, operated by Aqua Expeditions. It holds a maximum of 40 passengers, and does so in teak-clad luxury.

This video is longer than my usual videos, because I felt, to produce a shorter video would have been to do an injustice to an amazing week.

Through the use of the Aqua Mekong’s skiffs (I called them “swift boats”), we were able to go into the floating villages and interact with the locals in a more intimate way, giving us new insights into another culture. I couldn’t help but wonder what a different landscape this region was, in a less peaceful time, not very long ago.

The crew was most attentive, without being intrusive. And the small size of the guest component inspired a greater level of interaction and camaraderie among the passengers. I almost hesitate to call this a cruise; I prefer to call it an experience. Perhaps the experience of a lifetime.

Aqua Expeditions operates a similar vessel, the Aria Amazon, on the Amazon River, and I hope one day to experience that.

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