Cruise Destinations

A Guide to Cruise Destinations

Cruising: there is no other mode of transportation which will allow you to see the majesty and beauty of so many different cities from the verandah of your ship, or while dining in the gorgeous settings cruise ships offer.  The following are our favorite destinations- consider one for your next cruise vacation!

Cruises to Alaska – From breathtaking glaciers to wildlife and the rare splendor of some of the world’s most beautiful parks to off the beaten track of nature where wildlife abounds, an Alaska cruise offers a voyage through nature’s most bountiful beauty.  Go panning for gold, take a ride with sled dogs, or take an excursion through the Denali wilderness.

All About Alaska and Cruises to Alaska – See Cruises to Alaska

Cruises to Antarctica – Venture to the ends of the earth where few humans have had the opportunity to see nature at its finest. An Antarctica cruise offers insight into this seldom seen frozen region of our world.  And here are some interesting Antarctica facts:  The seasons in Antarctica are the opposite of the seasons in the Northern hemisphere–summer is October through February, and winter is March through September.  Also, tourists to Antarctica generally visit the Antarctic Peninsula (sometimes referred to as the “Banana Belt”), where the climate is mild in comparison with the rest of the continent.

All About Antarctica and Cruises to Antarctica – See Cruises to Antarctica

Cruises to Asia and the Far East – When you cruise to Asian countries, an exotic adventure unfolds.  This part of the world boasts tranquil shores and bustling streets, chic boutiques, and mystical sites.  Southeast Asia, in particular has a wonderful spirituality, and sacred sites abound in ports such as Singapore.

All About Asia and the Far East and Cruises to Asia and the Far East – See Cruises to Asia and the Far East

Cruises to Bermuda – Bermuda weather is conducive to a casual lifestyle, with shorts, sandals and bathing suits being a traveler’s uniform. A Bermuda cruise whisks you away to pink sand beaches and charming villages where paradise awaits.  Watersports abound, and there is no shortage of interesting locations to visit: museums, historical buildings, and lighthouses.  Or if you’ve a mind for adventure, go exploring in a variety of caves, parks, gardens and nature reserves.

All About Bermuda and Cruises to Bermuda – See Cruises to Bermuda

Cruises to Canada and New England – Nowhere else in the world does Mother Nature prepare for the arrival of winter as beautifully as she does along the northeastern shores of New England and Canada.  Rolling hills are blanketed in a blaze of fire colors.  Explore the cosmopolitan city of French Montreal and the old world streets of Old Quebec. Or, as a pre-or-post cruise excursion, time a visit to Toronto, Canada (Canada’s most populous city) to see the holiday Cavalcade of Lights.  In New England, visit small shops in Maine and lovely summer homes in Newport.

All About Canada and New England and Cruises to Canada and New England – See Cruises to Canada and New England

Cruises to CaribbeanEastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean and Southern Caribbean – Warm and welcoming people, music floating in the environment and islands make this the most popular cruise voyage of all.  A Caribbean cruise offers warm weather and relaxation, and unique experiences in diving, parasailing, and exploration of the cruise lines private islands. The Caribbean can be very different, yet equally lovely and desirable, whether you choose to sail to Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean ports.

Eastern Caribbean is easy and breezy with lots of great ports, shopping and refined experiences. The islands are relatively close to each other, so you get to visit more ports – such as San Juan, Puerto Rico; Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; and Half Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s award-winning private island.

Western Caribbean itineraries are known for outdoor adventure at the islands of Grand Cayman, Cozumel or Jamaica. The islands are a bit further apart, so a Western Caribbean cruise usually offers a few sea days to enjoy onboard activities.

Southern Caribbean itineraries typically visit Half Moon Cay and cruise by way of the eastern Caribbean islands and then to some European charm in the tropics — French Martinique to British Barbados, to the Dutch-tinted ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Among the most gorgeous islands in the southern Caribbean are Bonaire, for great SCUBA, and St. Lucia, for great history.

Eastern Caribbean cruises leave from Florida ports as well as Baltimore, Maryland; and visit ports in the Bahamas, cruise line private islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Western Caribbean cruises mainly leave from Florida ports and Galveston, Texas; and visit ports in Mexico as well as Cayman Islands, cruise line private islands and Key West, Fla.

Southern Caribbean cruises are more likely to leave from San Juan, Puerto Rico; and visit ports in Barbados, Aruba, St. John’s, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The culture of the Caribbean Islands is rich and pure: sample fresh fish and marvel at one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Caribbean islands are those that border or are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea: Anguilla; Antigua-and-Barbuda; Aruba; Bahamas; Barbados; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Dominica, Dominican Republic; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Haiti; Honduras; Jamaica; Martinique; Puerto Rico; Saint Barthélemy; Saint Kitts-and-Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Martin; Turks-and-Caicos Islands  and United States Virgin Islands.

All About the Caribbean and Cruises to the Caribbean – See Cruises to the Caribbean– See Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean – See Cruises to the Western Caribbean – – See Cruises to the Southern Caribbean

Cruises to Central America and the Panama Canal – Experience the wonder of modern engineering as you float through the famous series of locks of the Panama Canal.  A Panama Canal cruise explores the historical and international significance of the canal, and incorporates the Costa Rican rainforests and ancient cities like Cartagena.

A Central America cruise allows you to explore Andean peaks and the ancient remains of Machu Picchu.  Stop in vibrant cities like and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where culture thrives through art, music and dance.

All About Central America and the Panama Canal and Cruises to Central America and the Panama Canal the Caribbean – See Cruises to Central America and the Panama Canal 

Cruises to Cuba – Cuba’s historic destination allows travelers to enjoy the largest Caribbean island’s signature architecture, art, food and music, as well as beautiful beaches. Tour Havana in a car from the 1950’s or see UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

All About cruises to Cuba  –  See Cruises to Cuba

Cruises to Europe – There is no richer exploration of history than a Europe cruise.  The countries in Europe offer some of the world’s most famous ruins, majestic palaces, breathtaking landscapes and unique cultures,

Look at any Europe map and you’ll see sites of worldwide historical significance.  See the works of Michelangelo in Italy, visit ancient civilizations in Greece and Turkey, or explore Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. And don’t forget those fantastic Christmas Cruises, which visit the famed Christmas markets and all they have to offer!

All About Europe and Cruises to Europe – See Cruises to Europe

Cruises to The Galapagos Islands-Due to their seismic and volcanic history, and isolated location, these islands are home to a host of unusual wildlife (such as the land iguana, the giant tortoise and a large variety of finch) that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection following his visit in 1835.

All About Galapagos CruisesSee Cruises to The Galapagos Islands

Cruises to Hawaii –  A Hawaii cruise explores the beauty of the islands… see cascading waterfalls, lush rain forests and gorgeous botanical gardens.  Discover the islands’ secrets on an ATV, parasail, snorkel or hike the impressive Diamond Head and Koko Head volcanoes.  Hawaii is an outdoor paradise for nature lovers!

All About Hawaii and Cruises to Hawaii – See Cruises to Hawaii

Cruises to Mediterranean – Mediterranean cruises visit the Old World empires and feature some of Europe’s most treasured art, culture and history.  Explore the beginnings of the Greek and Roman and Ottoman empires, see the remnants of the Crusades and visit religious sites revered by Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  Or visit Egyptian sites, where you’ll gain an appreciation for the power of the ancient pharaohs and the splendor of their works.

All About the Mediterranean and Cruises to the Mediterranean – See Cruises to the Mediterranean 

Cruises to Mexico – Mexico cruises take you into the heart of Mexican culture; colorful cities with lively, open air markets, and charming beach towns.   For those with adventurous hearts, a cruise along Mexico’s East coast visits ports like Progresso, Costa Maya and Cozumel, where visitors can access the ancient Mayan civilization and sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum and San Gervasio.

All About Mexico and Cruises to Mexico – See Cruises to Mexico 

Cruises to Middle East – Middle East countries are some of the most historied on the planet.  On a Middle East cruise, you’ll find a fascinating blend of ancient and modern cultures, along with and some of the world’s most remarkable architectural feats. See the Holy Land, where important Christian, Jewish and Islamic sites are prominently featured in the shore excursions, and visit the pyramids.

All About the Middle East and Cruises to the Middle East  – See Cruises to the Middle East

Cruises to North America – North America cruises encompass a vast variety of sights, from cosmopolitan cities to quaint small towns rich in history and culture. A Canada/New England cruise will immerse you in the culture of cities like Quebec and show you the rich history of American cities like Boston.  American West Coast Cruises will take you up the seaboard into Alaska, a trove of natural beauty.

All About North America and Cruises to North America – See Cruises to North America

Cruises to Russia and Central Asia – Russian cruises feature cities like St. Petersburg, which is known as the “Venice of the North.” Culture abounds and this beautiful city is filled with parks and breathtaking cathedrals, and features sites such as the famous State Hermitage Museum, Peterhof and Catherine palaces.

Asia cruises are best experienced on a river boat, sailing the mighty Yangtze, the Mekong, and the Irrawaddy.  Along the way, you’ll see awe-inspiring sites such as the Three Gorges Dam, hear the sounds of busy local markets, taste traditional Asian fare and rice wine, and experience the “Golden Land” of Myanmar.

All About Russia and Central Asia and Cruises to Russia and Central Asia – See Cruises to Russia and Central Asia

Cruises to South America – South America Cruises offer a huge range of experiences; see the wild Amazon, visit the spectacular Machu Picchu, and shop and dine in vibrant cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.  This continent is a study in contrast- from gorgeous shore lines and stunning natural beauty, to small villages teeming with native culture, to cosmopolitan cities with the most current amenities and fashions, this is a region not to be missed!

All About South America and Cruises to South America – See Cruises to South America

Cruises to the South Pacific and Australia – South Pacific cruises feature the jewels of one of the most beautiful areas in the world:  French Polynesia. Visit sacred temples and rejoice in the stunning beaches, lush green mountain ranges, and dazzling coral reefs.

Or choose an Australia cruise where the expansive beauty is represented in sites like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, gold mining ghost towns near Melbourne, or the Geelong Maritime Museum.   Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Great Barrier Reef, larger-than-life Ayers Rock, or undertake an exploration of the Australian Outback.

All About the South Pacific and Australia and Cruises to the South Pacific and Australia – See Cruises to the South Pacific and Australia

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