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We just love cruise vacations and want to share news with you. Our team is constantly at sea, attends cruise industry shows to find out what is trending, is invited to most of the inaugural sailings and are in touch with the lines to be certain we have the most interesting news and current developments about cruise destinations, shore excursions, new ships & travel itineraries.

7 Reasons You Will Love CruiseCompete “Currents” & All Things Cruise “Sea Tales

  1. The freshest reviews of ships and ports of call.
  2. Diaries & stories of actual voyages from some of the most prominent travel writers around the world.
  3. Up to 70% discounts on shore excursions that you may book online with a toll free number for assistance.
  4. Up-to-date insider information about the cruise lines’ children’s programs, plus “A Family Guide to Cruising.”
  5. Special “insider promotions” – some directly from the cruise lines or agencies.
  6. Access to our exclusive complimentary e-cards that include direct-dial phone numbers to individual ships so that you can let your family, friends and others know how to reach you onboard.
  7. CruiseCompete and All Things Cruise are two of the most credible sources for information on cruise travel.

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