A Beautiful Day in Newport, Rhode Island

A number of cruise ships, large and small, stop at Newport, Rhode Island. The larger ships tend to stop there in the fall, as that is when the town is less crowded. All of which makes perfect sense to me.

Being from New England myself, Newport held a special attraction for me. As I now live in Florida, I had not been to Newport since about when I was in the fifth grade on a school outing from nearby New London. So, I was rather surprised when I saw how much there was to see and do in Newport, and how much tourism had developed there.

There is so much to see and do, that I created this video to help you, the cruise passenger, who typically has but one day in town, make some choices about how to spend that all-too-short time.

If you need some help, navigating the town, the folks at the Discover Newport building  (https://www.discovernewport.org/) , in the center of town, will help you get started. That’s also a good place from which to catch one of the tour trolleys. The trolleys will give you a nice overview of things about town. I found the narration on the trolley most engaging.

And, if you find that seeing this giant lobster in the photo below daunting, check out my video on “How to Eat a Lobster,” also posted on my blog.


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