Alaska cruise on the Chichagof: Where is my luggage?

Day Zero. (Before the cruise)

The cruise has not yet begun and disaster has already struck! My checked luggage did not arrive in Juneau with me. Alaskan Airlines is making every effort to assure me that everything is under control, and the bag “should” arrive on the next flight, which is tomorrow morning…the day the cruise is to begin.

I’m thinking ahead. If it doesn’t show up tomorrow, how will the bag catch up with me? Will I have to endure the next 10 days with only the clothes on my back? There is a rep from the cruise company, Alaskan Dream Cruises, to greet the flight and she assures me that the cruise line will do everything in their power to get the bag to me. I’m somewhat mollified but not reassured.

So we check into the hotel, the Westmark Baranof, and try to sleep. By now, even though there’s still an uneasy twilight through the window, sleep comes easy because we’ve been traveling from Florida for 13 hours on three flights to get here.

The Baranof is a good choice because that’s where the cruise line maintains a day room for incoming and outgoing passengers.

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