Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas: My Stateroom

A reader asked me to describe my stateroom on my Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas cruise. So here goes.

My stateroom is 326 on Deck 7. My cruise key card, which looks like a credit card, was waiting in a sealed envelope in a slot next to my stateroom door when I boarded the ship. No need to stand in line at the cruise terminal to wait my turn to pick up a key.

By the way, those key cards do function as credit cards on the cruise. Buy a drink. Your card is charged. Pick up a souvenir in one of the ship shops. Your card is charged. The card also must be presented to leave the ship in ports of call and to board the ship when coming back.

That way, ship officials know who is on and who is off the ship when it is time to sail. Some passengers wear the cards around their necks on a chain or fancy lanyard.

Just swipe the key card in front of my stateroom door and it opens. Once in the room, I didn’t need to insert my card in the light switch panel. A “light” card was already in the panel. Push the light switch and all the cabin interior lights come on. Or, if you prefer, you can put your key card in the slot since it is a handy place to find your card when you leave your stateroom.

The stateroom has its own air conditioning, of course, which I quickly moved warmer from its almost frigid temp. Be aware that if the balcony door is open, the air conditioner doesn’t work. Makes sense.

My stateroom balcony is one of my favorite parts of cruising. With two chairs, foot rests and a small table, I can sit out there and watch the ocean roll and the scenery change. The veranda has panels blocking both sides for privacy.

                                                    Storage Galore

My stateroom has a big comfy bed and storage galore, far more than I will need as a solo traveler. Two closets, plus hangers. My suitcase fits easily in one of the closets as does my backpack. I didn’t use the other closet with its safe or two large drawers beneath the closet and six shelves on the other side of the hanging clothes section.

A desk has a top shelf, several electrical outlets, a chair and mirror. Next to the desk is a bureau with a mini fridge behind one of the doors. Having a fridge is a big bonus and this one is really cold. The fridges on some ships are totally useless because they definitely are not cold and keep soft drinks or water an unpleasant lukewarm.

The cabinet also has one big drawer above the fridge and four drawers on the other side.

The hairdryer is in the drawer above the fridge if anyone goes looking for it. I don’t use a hairdryer but have seen them stuffed in various places aboard other ships. I’ve even heard passengers calling housekeeping asking for a hairdryer, not knowing it was in the bottom of the bedside table or some other unexpected place.

A sofa and a big flat-screen TV across from the bed are nice additions. Using the interactive TV features, I can keep tabs on the news, shipboard events and my cruise charges. Very handy.

My queen-size bed has small nightstands with shelves on either side of the bed with lamps and electrical outlets, plus a ship telephone. The bed has white covers, a duvet and four pillows. Room darkening blinds can be pulled to shut out the sunshine. Mine are never closed because I want to see any ocean views day or night.

The bathroom has a large glass-doored shower, plenty of hot water and a long sink counter with drawers and shelves. Shower toiletries include a bar of soap and a dispenser in the shower for both body soap and shampoo. That is one dispenser with one soap that you use for both your body and your hair. No hair conditioner or hand lotion so bring some if you want it. I also bring my own shampoo.

My bed is right next to the sliding balcony doors. Suits me fine because I can more easily view the ocean when I’m in bed. I didn’t see any other staterooms on the ship but a new acquaintance said the sofa in their stateroom is next to the balcony doors. I prefer the layout in my stateroom.

Every night, room attendant Fnu Darmawan freshens my stateroom and leaves a daily planner program on the bed. The planners are a wealth of information about what will be going on the next day. That info, plus much more, also can be found on the Royal Caribbean cruise app which can be downloaded to cell phones.

I find myself relying more and more on the cruise app. It now only tells me about the day’s activities but it also has a personal daily calendar to remind me of what activities or shows or programs I have reserved. Plus, you don’t need to pay for ship WiFi to use the app. Passengers receive complimentary WiFi for the app, just not for any other internet use.

I am quite happy with my stateroom and am surprised at how quiet it is at night. I do have neighbors next to me and I know that late night activities are still creating rollicking merriment. But I don’t hear that at all, just the relaxing rocking of the ship as it glides through the night. Great sleeping!

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

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