Viking Sky Cruise 2: Ship cabin is large, comfy, filled with wonderful extras

ABOARD THE VIKING SKY – Walking into a ship’s stateroom that will be my cruise home away from home is always exciting. Although I have seen online photos of my cabin, it is not the same as using my key card to open the door for the first time.

Even before I opened my Viking Sky cabin door, I noticed a difference. The stateroom opening door handle is covered in leather as are most handrails on the ship. A small thing, perhaps, but a hint at all that Viking Cruises does to make passengers comfortable and happy.

I definitely was not disappointed when I stepped into my Deluxe Veranda Stateroom on Deck 4. It is larger than expected and quite comfortable with so many extra features that I was glad to have room steward I Komang from Indonesia show me around.

As usual, a slot beside my entrance door is where my cabin key the size of a credit card goes to turn on electricity in the room. That’s a very good idea because it saves power if I forget to turn off a light when I leave the room and it also is a handy place to keep my cabin key.

I was glad to have room steward I Komang from Indonesia show me around.

However, Viking Sky has kindly made sure that the outlets by the desk remain powered up even when there is no key in the slot in case a passenger is trying to charge an electronic device.

And, for a big plus, Viking Sky has complimentary WiFi. No more having to monitor how many expensive minutes I have used up on my cellphone and laptop. No more alternating back and forth between the two devices because only one electronic device is allowed to have the paid-for WiFi on many ships. And no more making sure I have logged off each time I am done with WiFi or my minutes will be eaten up while I am not using them. WiFi might be slow when we are at sea but it is free, part of Viking’s much-appreciated philosophy of not “nickel and diming” its passengers.

                             All Viking Sky cabins have private verandas

One of my favorite stateroom features is the 270-square-foot private veranda with two chairs and a table. But then all 465 staterooms on the Viking Sky have verandas.

Another item I really like is the mini-fridge stocked with six cans of complimentary soft drinks and two bottles of tonic water, along with snack candy and nuts. The fridge will be replenished once a day.

A canister of filtered water sits on the desk. No expensive bottle of water to have to buy in case I get thirsty or accidentally open it without reading the high charge fee. In fact, I’ve noticed that complimentary drinking water is abundant on the Viking Sky. Any time we leave the ship, we are offered a bottle of water to take with us.

My king-size Viking Explorer Bed has luxury white linens and pillows with a traditional Norwegian Marius-weave blanket draped across the bottom of the bed. Comfy robe and slippers mean I don’t have to pack my own from home. That is a nice extra since I travel with carry-on luggage and this is a 15-day cruise. Also I have complimentary self-service laundry and plan to use it tonight to launder my airplane clothes.

On the wall across from the bed is a 42-inch flat screen LCD TV with a remote control. The remote is very simple to use, not at all like my remote at home. And the TV displays a wealth of information –  date, time, temperature, where we are, along with a section to access my onboard account and my personal itinerary.

Under the TV’s Entertainment section are choices of On Demand movies (including very recent ones), TV Series, BBC, music and more. The Port Talk each evening in the Star Theater also is taped and available for watching on the TV, as are Enrichment Lectures by guest speakers.

A TV section showcases upcoming menus for the ship’s restaurants which give passengers a head start on difficult choices for dining.

The bathroom has a spacious glass-enclosed shower, heated bathroom floor and anti-fog mirror. Bottles of Freyja toiletries have easy flip-open tops and extra large print which makes it simpler to read without eyeglasses.

Abundant storage and even more extras 

Storage is plentiful with a large closet (where a light comes on when the closet door is opened), nightstands on each side of the bed, a wall of drawers and more drawers in the bathroom. The desk has a hidden make-up tray with a lighted mirror and hair dryer.

A nice touch on Viking Sky is that stateroom drawers and closet have built-in quiet-close features. A gentle tap and a drawer closes so my neighbors don’t have to put up with the noise of banging and clanging of closets and drawers from my room.

Even the bathroom has a quiet-close toilet seat. A couple of months ago, I had one installed in my master bath at home and the grandkids think it is hilarious to watch the toilet seat close as if by some mysterious hand.

Other extras are a Paulig coffee brewer, safe and binoculars. My stateroom is the only one I have ever see on a river or ocean cruise which has a doorbell. Makes it easier to hear room service when they deliver my breakfast. Room service is complimentary 24 hours a day.

In today’s electronic age, seems like I am always looking for an outlet to charge some device. My cabin has a wealth of outlets that accommodate U.S. as well as European plugs. And I counted an amazing eight USB ports for charging in my room. Believe me, those are much appreciated.

The décor in my room is elegantly simple. Light walls and wood make the room open and airy. A nice leather-covered cocktail table sits in front of two leather chair with cushions. Carpet is a soft blue pattern. Desk has a work chair, phone, large wall mirror and lamp.

Light switches over the bed make it easy to turn off the lights once I am in bed. And the light switches operate all the cabin lights. Rather frustrating to get into bed on some ships and then have to get up to turn off some light in the cabin.

The only wall art in my stateroom is a large framed photograph of Edinburgh combined with a scenic painting done by a 4th grade student at Guan Yindang Primary School in Jingzhou, China. The school is sponsored by Viking Cruises.

Reminds me of the art work created by my son and daughter when they were children and  that I would proudly display on my office bulletin board. I already feel at home on Viking Sky.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

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