A Beautiful Day in Newport, Rhode Island

A number of cruise ships, large and small, stop at Newport, Rhode Island. The larger ships tend to stop there in the fall, as that is when the town is less crowded. All of which makes perfect sense to me. Being from New England myself, Newport held a special attraction for me. As I now live in Florida, I had not been to Newport since about when I was in the fifth grade on a school outing …

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Fathom’s Adonia Sets Sail on Inaugural to Cuba

Fathom’s Adonia Sets Sail on Inaugural to Cuba…the first cruise ship to sail from the United States to Cuba in 50 years. The ship left the Port of Miami at 4:15 today, 1 May 2016, for a one week cruise around Cuba.  

A Day in Halifax

A Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia  Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the Canadian Maritimes, is a popular stop for cruise passengers. Halifax is the capitol of Nova Scotia and has a population of about 414,000. The city often ranks high on the lists for quality of life. And if it’s good to live there, then it seems reasonable that it would be good to visit there, too. The urban area is the 2nd most populous coastal city in …

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Malecon: A Walk on the Tame Side

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Malecon: A Walk on the Tame Side.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WinYtaS9cMs This is a 5 minute video of a mile long promenade. Hardly enough time to do it justice. This is the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta’s promenade and the heart and soul of the city. The atmosphere is relaxed, the colors vibrant, and the people friendly. What more could you ask for? Amusing to note for readers of AllThingsCruise….at the very end, look at the 2 logos: …

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

http://youtu.be/bOv1r-hO3V0 Prince Edward Island, located in the Canadian Maritimes, in Eastern Canada, is a delightful stop for many cruise ships. You can also get there by other means: auto via the Confederation Bridge and ferry from Nova Scotia. Even if your cruise only stops here for a day, you can see and do many of the things in this video if you plan carefully and efficiently. Having a car certainly increases your reach, but some of the …

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Atlantis submarine adventure in Maui

When your cruise ship stops for one day in Maui, and you want to get a taste of the underwater world surrounding Maui, an exciting way to do it doesn’t even involve getting wet! Atlantis Submarine from Lahaina, will take you to explore the world beneath the sea. Fun for the entire family.

How to Eat a Lobster….Prince Edward Island Style

Prince Edward Island is a regular stop for many cruise ships. One of the “must do” things there is tasting their excellent lobsters. But, if you don’t know how to eat a lobster, here is some help from an expert Prince Edward Island native. For a better viewing experience, please watch in HD, if your Internet connection supports it. If you want to know where that delicious lobster was served, go here:  www.lobsteronthewharf.com  As you can see, …

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Star Clipper Med Ports: La Dolce Vita

This is a whirlwind tour of some of the Mediterranean ports, visited by Star Clipper. The Star Clipper is a four masted barquentine. It is 111.57 m (366 ft 1 in) long and accommodates 170 passengers if full. Its weight is 300 metric tons.

NCL Getaway Inaugural Arrival Miami

This is the first sighting in South Florida of NCL’s new Getaway, shown on its inaugural arrival to the Port of Miami on 6 February 2014. It’s the largest cruise ship to call Miami home port. Have you had the opportunity to sail on the NCL Getaway yet? Or do you hope to soon? Please leave your thought and reviews in the comments below.

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