MSC’s Sanity-Saving, Family-Friendly Dinner Options

Mini & Junior Club- Image Courtesy of MSC

Since yesterday was  International Youth Day, this seems appropriate;  MSC Cruises has announced new child-centric dining options that will be welcomed by children and parents alike.  There are two options that, in my view, will be especially appealing to any parent (and let’s be honest, this is all of us) who has desperately tried to entertain a child in a restaurant for an hour, waiting for food to come.

Happy Dinners

The premise of this first option is that the family gets their “family” dinner time;  MSC serves children dinner from the kids’ menu while parents enjoy their opening courses- but also allows them to go their separate ways during meal time.

This is nice- no waiting to eat for children, and when kids have finished their meal, they are picked up by specialized Kids’ Club staff members for activities and entertainment at the Mini & Junior Clubs.  Parents can then enjoy the rest of their dinner at a leisurely pace.

Fun Time Dinners

With the second, MSC Fun Time Dinner option, children dine in a separate, specially decorated area of the buffet restaurant (under staff supervision) then have fun in the Mini & Junior Clubs while parents enjoy a relaxing dinner alone, picking up the kids when they’ve finished.

Three of nights of the cruise are theme parties – a Welcome Party, Italian Party, and Farewell and Birthday Party- the other four are just a normal, fun evening for the kids.

 Notes about dinner options: Both the MSC Happy Dinners and the MSC Fun Time Dinner services are now available free on all MSC ships. Dedicated to children ages 3-11, parents need to register their children in advance with the Mini or Junior Club and complete the special “dinner coupons”.

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