Bahamas cruise aboard the Carnival Liberty: Day four

ABOARD CARNIVAL LIBERTY — We left Port Canaveral four days ago and this morning we are 80 miles from where we personally started our trip — Palm Beach.

Liberty is docked at Freeport, Grand Bahama, an international hub for shipping and commerce which also welcomes over a million cruise visitors a year. No question it’s a busy, working port, evidenced by a giant MSC cargo ship that blocked out the windows during breakfast in the main dining room.

Actually, Carnival announced in May it is working with the government of the Bahamas to construct a new terminal with added amenities in Freeport, which is still pending final approvals.

Calling all kids for green eggs and ham

In the meantime, the current terminal hosts a number of shops, a craft market and restaurants, as well as transit to the popular resort area of Lucaya.

This is our first visit to Freeport, and while we would normally book a shore excursion, we decide to explore on our own. Of course, for Pam “explore” translates to “shop.” She scored a few deals while I scored a cold drink. Call it a “win-win.”

Unless you are joining a tour, the “hop on, hop off” bus or renting a vehicle, it doesn’t take long to make the rounds and head back to the ship.

One area that I haven’t reported on this week is everything Carnival offers kids, probably because we have no kids traveling with us. But it is worth noting and a major reason so many families choose Carnival.

Here’s a sampling of what’s available:

Shopping at the terminal in Freeport with Liberty in the background

* Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast. For an extra $5 a person, join your favorite characters from Dr. Seuss and enjoy funky-colored food set on brightly decorated tables.

* Camp Carnival. Catering to three age groups, ranging from 2-11 years, children are entertained with age-appropriate activities while parents enjoy some adult time. It offers late night hours as well.

* Camp Ocean. Structured much like Camp Carnival, except with nautical-themed things to do.

This is our last full day, and Cruise Director Donkey — “the voice from above” — is busy announcing bingo games, art auctions and the night’s entertainment offerings, which includes “America Rocks” in the main showroom. There’s also “Towel Folding Fun,” so you too can turn ordinary bath towels into your favorite animals.

As for us, we’ll have a farewell cocktail in the atrium bar on Deck 3, then dinner in the main dining room before it’s time to pack up. We’ll wrap it all up in one last post after we say our goodbyes to a week of fun on Liberty.


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