Bahamas cruise aboard the Carnival Liberty: Day three

ABOARD CARNIVAL LIBERTY — We are docked in Nassau, and as guests prepare to disembark for shore excursions, shopping, sightseeing and soaking up some Bahamas sun, the welcome message over the ship’s P.A. adds a sobering note:

The U.S. State Dept. advises visitors to the Bahamas to be on alert as there has been a recent rise in crime here. Persons should be especially careful when they venture off the beaten paths.

We plan to remain in the immediate downtown area near the docks, but we’ll certainly pay extra attention to what’s around us.

Bedside us is Disney Dream, and from our balcony we see an army of people descending on the city. We grab breakfast in the main dining room (much recommended, BTW, vs. the Lido buffet) and join them.

As soon as enter the terminal area, we can see something has changed. The shops previously located in the here are all outside it. The reason: Renovation and repairs.

No matter — Pam had always patronized the vendors who sell their home-made jewelry on the adjacent streets. As we head downtown, through dozens of tour operators, taxi drivers and offers of horse and carriage rides, Pam senses another change: Where are the street vendors?

After inquiring, it turns out they are out of business. The reason given was complaints by customers, but you have to wonder if it was more about shutting down the competition.

At any rate, with the sun beaming down we decide to head back to the ship and something cold to drink.

The Seafood Shack is an extra charge restaurant on Deck 9

Lunch time arrives, and we are off to Deck 9 to sample the Seafood Shack. It is the other extra charge dining option on the ship, but it’s not a restaurant per se. More like a specialty kiosk, occupying the corner opposite Pizza Pirate.

We both opt for the fish and chips ($6). The fish portions are generous and the fries are good and double crunchy. If you have a craving for seafood, it’s worth trying.

As we preview the afternoon activities, one jumps out: The Sorry competition. Not as in “bad or weak,” but “Sorry” the game. Yes, we readily admit we are nerds for the popular board game,which is one of our favorites. In this version, the participants form teams and act as pawns on a giant Sorry board.

There are eight of us playing, and we move along the board according to cards drawn by our host. It mirrors the actual game with a few exceptions; the object is for your two-person team to be the first to finish.

A life-size game of Sorry

The Sorry gods didn’t smile on us, so we didn’t get to claim the Carnival trophy. But it was fun. Now, where do we one of those life-size boards?

Tonight we return to the main dining room for dinner. Afterwards, Pam finds more shopping deals, helping to ease the disappointment of Nassau.

Back in the stateroom, we take a seat on the balcony and marvel at the beautiful sight of three other cruise ships on the horizon, including Disney Dream. The warm night sky is ablaze with stars as Liberty glides quietly toward our final port of call, Freeport.

Hard to believe we are almost to the last day of our cruise. It always goes by so fast.

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