The Morrisons enter the Baltic portion of their Seabourn cruise

Been a little busy enjoying many interesting sights over the last few days in Germany.

We went into Southampton, England, but got some bad advice on where to go and ended up in a shopping center that did not open for about 45 minutes so we had a look around and when the shops opened Lesley went looking for some baby clothes. Talk about very dear. A simple ordinary quality shirt was 8 pounds which equates to about $12.50 in our money. Everything was dear and we did not buy anything. The weather was somewhat ordinary and chilly, so after looking around a bit we went back to the ship.

Later that day we set sail with a new bunch of passengers who boarded in Southampton to go on the Baltic cruise for nine days and there were some who booked for the 18-day cruise to include Norway as well.

After a day of cruising we arrived at the entrance to the Kiel Canal and because they were doing some maintenance on part of one of the locks we had to wait for about two hrs. But when we started it was very different fromo the Suez Canal, because there was greenery everywhere with houses, farms and development. There were many cross canal car and lorry ferries and small and large towns all the way along the canal.

We took almost 600 photos and a couple of movies along the way and when I get time we will sit down and delete some of them and condense them into sometime more manageable to show family and friends when we get home. That is the great thing with digital cameras is that you can keep taking photos and then delete the ones you do not need afterwards. The camera I have now is one that my son Ashley gave me for father’s day. It has a rechargeable battery that can take about 500 pictures before it needs charging and we have the other battery charged up all the time, so it makes it very simple to change the battery as well With an 8GB memory card we can take 1,241 good quality photos before needing to change that as well. I normally download them on to my laptop every couple of days and back them up on an external drive just in case.

It took all day to go through the Kiel Canal and then we were in the Baltic Sea. It was a beautiful trip and would recommend it.

The next morning we were in Warnemuende in Germany. Some passengers took a 9-1/2 hour bus tour to Berlin however, we chose to get an all-day transit ticket and go into Rostock for the morning. We purchased our tickets which cost 4.50 euros each from the train station, boarded the electric train that leaves every 15 minutes go into Rostock and we were given instructions how to go to New Market. We were to get into Rostock station, go down two levels and catch a No. 5 or 6 tram and that was all we had to do. They did not tell us there were two platforms and, of course, we picked the wrong one and went for a nice tram ride the other way to Meunde. We only waited a few moments at that terminal before going back the correct way. The poor tram driver came over to see why we were still sitting there after everyone else had hopped off, but when we explained to him he just laughed.

We were soon where we wanted to go and had a great tram ride as well. Talk about lots and lots of shops. Lesley got herself a nice waterproof jacket.

My mouse on my laptop had been acting up so I thought I would buy a new one At home, this would normally cost about $15, so we went looking and looking. A couple of people did not know what I was talking about and finally we found a computer shop and one chap wanted to sell me an Apple USB mouse for 49 euros which equates to about $65, so we said “no” and when we got back to the ship the techno chap said he could loan us one, but I have fixed it for now.

We are now on in Tallin in Estonia and we took the shuttle bus into town and walked about and found a large shopping centee where I found numerous shops where I could buy a new mouse and finally paid 9.90 euros which is a lot more reasonable than 49 euros.

We only had four hours before the ship sailed and it started getting really cold so we returned to the ship. It is a nice city and if we had more time would have caught the hop-on, hop-off bus but we didn’t have time. One of the guides on the shuttle bus was a college student and she said that they have lot of snow there in winter.

We have just sailed for St. Petersburg, Russia, and we stay there for two days and one night. The ship left about 25 minutes late, because two passengers were late. I guess the Captain will have something to say to them.

We then sail to Helsinki for one day and then one sea day and arrive in Copenhagen on May 25.

We then will be on our final nine days of  cruising which started in Dubai on  April 18 and will finish in Copenhagen on June 3.

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