The Best Things About Norwegian Cruise Line’s Ships- From a Teen Perspective

Like most parents, the main objective for our family vacations is simply to have a great time together.  The trick is finding options that appeal to both adults and children- things that are fun to do, hold our interest, and provide the opportunity to really enjoy our experience.  We’ve found that one of the best options in vacationing is a cruise- there are so many amenities aboard, they’re sure to please one and all.

We’ve been looking at sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line, so this past week, I decided to get a teenager’s perspective on things. What appeals to kids, and why?

Thanks to Isabelle, who explored Norwegian’s site from top to bottom and made notes on what grabbed her attention, I have a little more insight. Read on to find out what she said excited her most about this line.- Renee

The Best Things On NCL For Teens

I was tasked this week with doing research on what I thought were the best things for kids to do on Norwegian Cruise Line. I was really drawn into all of the pictures that helped capture what the cruises were about, and all of the beautiful things that you can see. There were also some amazing-looking activities, such as water slides, rock climbing and a ropes course. Overall,this was a really cool experience and I loved looking at all of the amazing things that are out there to do.

By Isabelle Goyeneche
(All images are courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

Water Slides
Norwegian Cruise Line has truly awesome water parks.  I love being in the water, and  I think that this is something that most teens would spend a lot of time doing. I know I could easily spend hours in the pools and on the slides!


Teens love knowing that they can relax, but also that they can get their hearts racing and the adrenaline pumping if they want to. That’s why spent a lot of time reading about these things- I wanted to see what other fun activities NCL had to offer. I know that I would never turn down something like the ropes course, spots deck, the plank or rock climbing. (The ropes course was my favorite, because it looks really exciting!)

I also liked the look of the rock wall.

Cruise Destinations

I would love to visit any of the places that you can cruise to. Teens love for the things that they do to have a sense of adventure (and if that helps them get an awesome Instagram picture in the process, well… that is just a bonus).

I was really drawn in by the cruises to Europe, Hawaii and the Bahamas. The pictures are just amazing! Look at these photos of Greece!  Who wouldn’t want to go there?

Kids Club

The kids clubs look like a lot of fun and the pictures make it looks like there are good choices for activities and events. I really love how it gives kids a place to go and hang out with other people their age. They seem to be a great place to hang out and make some really good memories.

Shore Excursions

(These shore excursion descriptions are courtesy of NCL.)

I thought that Tortola, British Virgin Islands looked really beautiful and like a great place to relax.

Check out this dolphin encounter that you can do while in port there!

After check-in and a brief orientation, taxis will pick you up for a short transfer to the Prospect Reef Facility. You’ll descend a set of stairs into the beautiful Caribbean Sea on a submerged platform in waist-deep water and have the chance to interact with the dolphins, including a swim-by and a kiss for a wonderful photo opportunity. The fast swim allows the dolphin to demonstrate their incredible speed and power, and you’ll see several other behaviors designed to educate and fascinate you as you share an approximately 30 minute visit with these beautiful marine mammals. After the encounter, you’ll be able to view the photos and video that was taken during the program.

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas looks like a wonderful stop.  I have always wanted to try snorkeling, and I think that it would be a lot of fun.

Here’s a description on one of their snorkeling excursions there:

“Whether you’re snorkeling for the very first time or you consider yourself an expert, you’ll want to snorkel the underwater sculpture garden on Great Stirrup Cay. Located in the clear blue waters of Bertram’s Cove, you’ll snorkel your way around playful statues of mermaids, sea creatures, fountains and urns.

Schools of fish have come to seek shelter in and round the garden. Lobster, crab and shrimp have made their home in the cracks and ledges of the art pieces. Our underwater garden has been specifically designed as a place of entertainment for fish and folk alike.”

I also really like the look of  Reykjavik, Iceland. It  seems like a beautiful place to hang out and take a lot of pictures.

Here’s an excursion in Rekjavik:

Venture into the beautiful Thingvellir national park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site only about 30 miles from Reykjavik, and ranking at the top of Iceland’s attractions. This national park offers outstanding sceneries of mountains surrounding a vast lava plain covered in green moss and wild flowers. Head to the Geyser area where you’ll see hissing springs, bubbling pools and other geothermal phenomena. Lunch will be served nearby, amongst these scenic surroundings.

Another highlight of your day is the Gullfoss waterfall. The ‘Golden Waterfall’ is the most famous of the country’s many waterfalls. Here, the river Hvita drops 96 feet in two falls, creating an awesome spectacle. Then, visit waterfall Faxi with its salmon ladder and adjoining traditional sheep round up pen You’ll also stop in the town of Hveragerdi to see an earthquake exhibition. Being located on an old magma chamber, Hveragerdi is notorious not only for its abundance of hot springs, which heat the community’s greenhouse industry, but also for its earthquakes. Lastly, enjoy a scenic drive of the city on your way back to your ship.

Learn more about NCL here.


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