Riverboats for cruising the Columbia and Snake

Spirit of '98 is now Un-Cruise's Legacy
Spirit of ’98 is now Un-Cruise’s Legacy

For nearly three years, I have been wondering about the loss of a favorite cruise vessel, the Spirit of ’98. In August, she will be back.

Cruise West, the company that owned Spirit, ended its touring days in 2010, and I feared that the ship, which needed some renovation, was lost as well.

I should have known better. Serviceable vessels get reborn.

Newly refurbished, re-named, and operated by Un-Cruise Adventures, the 88-passenger S.S. Legacy now sports a hot tub, sauna, fitness equipment, and a massage suite.

Sharing time between Alaska and the Columbia

6a00d83476d41669e201901cb9874d970bLegacy is cruising in Alaska starting in August, and will move to the Columbia and Snake rivers in September.

The ship will chug along the Columbia and  Snake, rivers made famous by explorers Lewis and Clark, on seven night trips from Portland Sept. 7 – Nov. 23. In 2014, river cruises will be available in spring and fall, Alaska in summer.

Other competitors on these rivers include American Cruise Lines, Lindblad Expeditions (with National Geographic), and starting in 2014, American Queen Steamboat Company.

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