Lindblad’s Mini-Expedition Offer for their Youngest Passengers

Lindblad's National Geogrphic Explorer.  Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad’s National Geogrphic Explorer. Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions is one of my favorite lines for children because of the outstanding educational opportunities they offer children.  They recently announced information on their Young Explorers Program, which is giving kids the opportunity to a win a mini-expedition in Seattle aboard National Geographic Sea Lion.  They need only submit a diary of a recent voyage on the line in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Here are details, straight from the Lindblad:

Young Explorers ages 8 to 17, who are U.S. residents—we want to hear the story of your Lindblad-National Geographic 2014 expedition! Share with us what you observe and how it changes the way you see the world, and you could win an exciting mini-expedition in Seattle aboard National Geographic Sea Lion.

Every Young Explorer who submits an expedition journal in the form of a PowerPoint will receive a T-shirt and certificate of participation. Nine winners, representing three age groups and three ship categories will win the grand prize.

The components of an Expedition Journal 

Be creative! Your journal must be submitted in PowerPoint format, and must include photography and writing, but the best submissions will include a variety of different tools that show what you learned and experienced.  Entries can be no more than 20 slides in total and cannot be larger than 50 Mbs.

• Photography: May not include other people; must be a selfie, if a picture of yourself or done with a timer

• Writing: Include captions with each photo (three-four sentences per caption) and/or write an essay, no more than 450 words

• Art: Must be original

• Maps: Must be original

• Entries can include all categories, but must include photography and writing and must be your original work. Video is not permitted. The use of public domain images and music is prohibited.

How your Expedition Journal will be judged

Journals will be evaluated by a team of judges and points awarded for each of the factors outlined below.

• Creativity:  Journal shows thinking outside the box.  It is original and creative while also relevant.

• Photography & Writing:  These two required elements are present and photographs are balanced appropriately with writing.

• Unity, Organization & Coherence:  Journal is tied together. There is effective and clear organizational structure.  Ideas are related and contribute to overall development of journal.

• Support & Development: Journal has detailed descriptions that are supported with the tools used—photos, writing, maps, art, etc.  Support is relevant, convincing, and valid. There is effective use of facts and details.

• Expression:  There is clarity of expression in journal. Excitement and passion come through in the presentation.

Rules & choosing the winners

Expedition Journals will be judged within three age brackets (8-10; 11-13; and 14-17) and three ship categories: (1)National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion; (2) National Geographic Endeavour and National Geographic Islander; and (3) National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion. Submissions with the most points in each of the three age categories and three ship categories (a total of nine winners) will receive a mini-expedition aboard National Geographic Sea Lion in Seattle, Washington for themselves and one parent/guardian.  All entries receive a T-Shirt and certificate of participation. Winners will be announced in February 2015.

When you’re ready to submit your journal

Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form must be faxed or emailed within 28 days of the disembarkation date.  Once received, a confirmation email will be sent which will include a link to the webpage to upload their child’s completed journal.  Journals must be submitted within 28 days of disembarkation from the ship.

See the official rules »

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