Weddings at Sea

Cruise Ship Weddings at Sea

Weddings at Sea

Imagine a romantic wedding aboard a beautiful luxury cruise ship, then sailing off into the sunset to begin your new life. A cruise ship is exactly the place to fill your special day with romance. A wide range of wedding packages and locations are available. Choose from simple or extravagant ceremonies, and enjoy both traditional and adventurous activities for wedding party members and their guests. You can choose between a tasteful shipboard chapel, or get married in variety of locations in exotic ports. Picture an idyllic beach at sunset, or a heavenly garden in the Caribbean. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and stress-free the planning will be.

See below for specifics about the wedding options on various major cruise lines:

Contemporary Cruise Lines

Upscale Contemporary Cruise Lines

Premium Cruise Lines

Ultra-Premium Cruise Lines

Ultra-Luxury Cruise Lines

Small Ship Cruise Lines

River Cruise Lines

Luxury River Barge Cruise Lines

Expedition Cruise Lines

Sailing Vessels/Yacht Cruise Lines

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