Celebrity’s Fantastic Galapagos Ship, the Celebrity Flora

The Celebrity Flora, which cruises the Galapagos, has a capacity of 100 passengers and offers travelers awe-inspiring views, providing floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows for 360-degree views.

In order to protect the sea floor, the ship utilizes an anchorless holding system, exciting new technology which provides the opportunity for the ship to remain motionless. Celebrity Flora is eco-friendly and offers in-room water filtration stations- and has systems in place to turn sea water and air conditioning into unadulterated, fresh water.

Other features found aboard the Celebrity Flora are private cabanas, indoor and outdoor lounges,  and two restaurants- the Seaside Restaurant, and the Ocean Grill.

To book a cruise on the Celebrity Flora, please visit: https://www.cruisecompete.com/ships/celebrity_flora.html

Image courtesy of photographer Daniel Allen.

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