A lovely day in the Netherlands on board the AMADolce

By Frank Farber

Special to AllThingsCruise

Aboard the AMADolce in the Netherlands — Had an absolutely wonderful breakfast. The dining room is intimate. Big picture windows line two sides and the view is at water level. A wide variety of breads and jams, eggs made to request, delicious pancakes, fresh fruits all made the morning meal a great wakeup.

We then went on a three-hour tour (not Gilligan’s) that began with an hour’s cruise thru Amsterdam’s canals. Jan, our guide, was witty with a dry sense of humor. Following the cruise he took us on a bus ride thru the city that went to the floating flower garden where all types of tulips, orchids, etc. and the usual souvenir shops attracted tourists.

We returned to the ship for lunch and, darn, the meals are good.

Afternoon was another tour. This one went to Volendam, which is a fishing village and tourist site, and Edam of cheese fame. Both towns were beautiful and in Edam we went to a cheese tasting and many passengers took home large cheese balls. As long as the wax cover remains on the cheese, we were told, it can be taken into the US. Jan was again our guide and he was excellent.

We arrived back at the ship just in time to get ready for another excellent dinner. Kari and Alan from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., joined our table and we exchanged experiences and stories. The no reserved seating policy gives guests the opportunity to meet new people and opens new vistas. German red and riesling wines were served with dinner that had Duck L’Orange as a main course.

After dinner we repaired to the main lounge where Matias played piano and my wife got everyone up to dance. We closed down the lounge and wearily went to bed.

May 4, 2011


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