Yesterday’s beach party on Jost Van Dyke was certainly a highlight for many — what fun!

ABOARD THE SEADREAM II – Yesterday was quite the day for the passengers of this ship, a day I suspect many will remember when they sign up for their next SeaDream cruise.

It was the day of the beach party, the time when everyone on ship moves onshore for several hours of fun. The yacht was anchored in White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke and the day’s adventures for some began with an early zip-lining tour.

The captain has led several hikes on this trip and the most ambitious was yesterday morning also, an over-the-mountain trek to Foxy’s Bar and back that about 20 hardy souls participated in.

Hiking with the captain is popular with passengers
Hiking with the captain is popular with passengers

Passengers began heading to the beach around noon, where they were immediately greeted by the sommelier Frank who was brandishing trays of painkillers and champagne. Chet and I quickly staked out a couple of shady chairs and I headed into the water – lovely!

The highlight of every beach day is the “Champagne and Caviar Splash,” SeaDream’s signature event when uniformed offers and waiters serve those luxury items from the top of a surfboard floating in the ocean. However, the surf was up today and although hotel manager Jamie tried to make that happen, in the end the champagne and cavier were served on land and, again, nobody seemed to care. (By the way, the caviar was served on tiny fresh pancakes with all the fixings and was delicious!)

The "Champagne and Caviar Splash"
The “Champagne and Caviar Splash”

The party definitely kicked in early. The age group on these Caribbean cruises is mostly 40-55 and the trip is only seven days and most are heading back to work on Monday. So these folks are all here for a vacation with a capital “V” — serious relaxation and a good dose of fun. (They closed the bar the night before at 4 a.m.!) They appreciate the yoga and tai chi classes in the mornings. The group on this particular trip has been most congenial and the tour group of perhaps 20-25 gay men fits right in.

After a delicious barbeque lunch featuring prime rib of beef, barbequed ribs, brats, sausage and burgers most folks took walks, naps, headed back to the ship or got into the water (drinks in hand) – soon waiters were wading in with more drinks and, you get the idea, everyone partied on.

We went back to the ship at about 4 o’clock but the last folks returned about 5:30 and quickly filled up the hot tub and pool on board. If sun-burned noses and happy smiles are any indication, the day was a great success!

I really have no idea how many people headed up to the bar last night…I suspect the revelries of the past two days meant for a quieter evening, but who knows? The piano bar is just down the hall from our cabin and yet we never hear a bit of noise …

However, around the edges of all of this is an elegant slightly older crowd – 60 and up. Many of these are people with the most days on board and the crew caters to them lavishly. They seem to be having just as good a time as the younger set, just in a more discreet way.

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