Why Do People Choose to Cruise Over the Holidays?

Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving are big holidays. They usually bring families together. After the pandemic, they will again. You get offers from your favorite cruise lines. Cruise over Christmas. Why do some people choose to cruise over the holidays?

There are lots of reasons. Let’s consider a few:

  1. They are alone. Their children have moved away. They live on their own. The holidays are a quiet time of year for them. They don’t have close relationships with local friends.

Cruising provides a ready made social environment.

  1. They already own everything. They have accumulated plenty of jewelry and fine clothing. Their house is filled with artwork and furniture. They don’t need and more material possessions.

The gift of a cruise is an ideal present to give to each other.

  1. Christmas in other cultures. Christmas voyages are often Caribbean cruises. You stop at many islands with British, French and native Caribbean influences. You see how others celebrate the holidays.

You learn about the traditions of other countries.

  1. You love eating, but not cooking. Prime rib. Goose. Lobster. You love them all. You don’t want anything to do with putting the meal on the table.

Enjoy your favorite dishes. Let someone else do the cooking and clearing up.

  1. You love parties. You are comfortable entertaining. You really like getting dressed up and visiting other people’s homes. It’s a shame few people seem to entertain anymore.

Your ship should have lots of parties. Get into the right crowd and you’ve joined the cabin party set.

  1. Spending time together. You are both busy with work fifty weeks of the year. It fills every waking moment. Business slows down around the holidays.

Taking a holiday cruise gives you time together, far away from distractions.

  1. You can’t stand the cold. That’s a big motivator for winter cruising. Take yourself away from snow shoveling and dangerous driving.

A winter cruise is like being awarded a second summer.

  1. You prefer experiences. This builds on “You have everything.” You don’t need more stuff. You would enjoy visiting an island (or two) new to the cruising itinerary.

Cruises visit ports. Ports have tours. Tours help build memories.

  1. I want to be waited on. There’s lots of pressure during the holidays to keep the house sparking clean, especially when people come calling over several days.

Getting away on a cruise gets you out of housecleaning for 10-14 days.

  1. Let someone else do the decorating. You like seeing the big tree in the middle of the city. You enjoy department store windows. You are less eager to decorate your own house. You think climbing a ladder to string lights is a bad idea.

Your ship will be decorated as well or better than many department stores.

  1. Resorts are boring. Flying to Florida puts you in warmer climes, but you get bored sitting around the pool day after day. You like organized activities. You want ports to explore.

A holiday cruise gives you pools and deckchairs along with organized activities. You can explore ports without driving.

  1. You like dressing up. We live in a casual society. You feel out of place because you haven’t worn your tuxedo or ball gown for years.

Pick the right cruise line and you will be dressing up every night.

  1. We are still healthy. It’s a paradox. People often put off travel until they have plenty of money, then discover health problems restrict their activities. That’s not you. You are wealthy and healthy.

Discover the world while you can still get around on your own.

  1. Kids are distant. Here’s another paradox. Your children are close to you emotionally, but distant geographically. They want to visit over the holidays, but it’s a long trip and airfares get expensive. They don’t want to disappoint you.

Let them off the hook by announcing you will be taking a holiday cruise. They could always book the adjacent cabin if they chose.

  1. Make new friends. Their good friends have moved away or passed away.

A cruise is an opportunity to make new ones. Those you meet are literally “in the same boat.”

  1. Be surrounded by multiple generations. They live in a senior living complex. Everyone is about the same age. You know what means. You feel old if you are constantly surrounded by older people.

Cruises often draw a range of ages. The crew are younger. There are plenty of them too.

  1. Relationship issues with their children. It’s sad, but they are estranged. The holidays can be a very tough time.

Holiday cruises are a great way to change the environment and get distracted.

There are many reasons people choose holiday cruises. What’s yours?

Cover photo: Fireworks added a festive celebration to flagship Queen Mary 2’s World Voyage departure from Southampton on 10 January (Photo courtesy of Cunard Line)

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