What to Buy Your Cruising Friend for Christmas

The Christmas season has already started. The Hallmark Channel(s) moves into back to back holiday movies in late October. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Mariah Carey declared the start of the Christmas season around November 1st. Since we are still dealing with the pandemic, it’s a good time to start thinking about what to give your loved ones for Christmas. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Put down a deposit on a 2021 cruise. This is a spouse or certain someone gift. Your favorite cruise lines have probably accepting 2021 bookings for months. In most cases a deposit should do it. Wrap up the glossy brochure. Get a picture of the ship. Frame it. Now you have two presents to put under the tree. (Editor’s Note: Our sister site CruiseCompete has gift certificates that can be gifted to others for future use when booked with a member-agent! For details contact CustomerSupport@CruiseCompete.com)
  2. New sunglasses. Favorite pairs get scratched up. The hinges swing too freely. New designs come out. You see them in fashion magazines and films. Buy them a new pair for that trip you will plan when life starts to return to normal.
  3. A good map. You sail to some of the same places on most trips. You visit the same islands. Some are pretty big. You’ve never really explored the alleys and back streets of the town. Buy a high quality, detailed street map. You want one that folds out to enormous size. They can reminisce about where they have been and plan the streets and roads they will explore next time.
  4. The Good Beer Guide. You visit England a lot. You stop in towns, looking for a good place for lunch while in port. Let someone else do the research for you. CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) publishes The Good Beer Guide annually. Get the latest edition.
  5. Michelin Guides. No beer in pubs for you. It’s haute cuisine or nothing. Buy your friend the red covered Michelin guide to the best restaurants in a certain city. They can ponder who has one, two or three stars, building a list of which ones they will visit.
  6. The Louis Vuitton City Guides Collection. You want to really amaze your fashionista friend. The Louis Vuitton folks have published a series of city guides and travel books. Apparently, there may be over 90 of them! Your friend will be impressed by the LV connection.
  7. New passport case. Passports are still in “Old School” booklet format for many countries. Luxury goods firms like Hermes produce some distinctive versions. They come in various colors and designs.
  8. New luggage. Perhaps their bag has gone one too many rounds on the baggage carousel. Maybe they haven’t discovered the four wheeled spinning bags like most other travelers. This might be the year you buy them a new carry on.
  9. Passenger plane model. Do they usually fly to get to their ship? Do they have a favorite airline? It’s not too hard to hunt up models of popular passenger jets in the livery of your favorite airline. The airline might sell them on their website. It’s a nice desk item to ponder while planning your next vacation.
  10. Travel photos. Scroll through the 1,000+ photos on your camera. Pick out a couple dozen featuring your friend (and you) on various vacations. Get them printed and assemble them into an album. It will bring back great memories.
  11. That favorite bottle of wine. You took that river cruise. You stopped in that German town. You had that great bottle of white wine. Of course it was a Riesling. Buy a bottle or a similar wine from the same grape type. Maybe two bottles. This gift will bring back memories of their trip.
  12. Films featuring cruise ships. There are plenty. Buy them one or two romances set on the high seas. The Poseidon Adventure should not be on your list. Take Titanic off too.


You may not be sailing anywhere right now, but you can use the cruising theme and build excitement around the experience.

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