Weather is keeping passengers inside for this first full day at sea on the QM2

There is definitely a British feel to the ship, wouldn’t you agree?

Aboard the Queen Mary 2 –Yesterday was our first full day aboard this lovely ship. Because the weather is unseasonably cold and windy, most of us – except for a hardy few who bundled up for a few turns around the deck – stayed inside for the day.

Of course, this is a ship designed for these crossings and has plenty of room inside to handle a couple of thousand people.

One of the many small gathering places aboard, the Chart Room

As I noted yesterday, this ship is full of moderate size rooms that are tucked way in the bow or stern…with only a few located at the middle. So it does take a day or two to discover all of them.

We took in a couple of lectures yesterday, one was by the neurosurgeon who consults to such TV shows as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” He did a humorous but interesting overview on how doctors, specifically neurosurgeons, have been depicted on TV since the days of Dr. Kildare.

A second lecture was about the life of Princess Diana, as told by British photojournalist Phil Bye, who covered her during much of her royal life.

They sell paintings in this bright gallery, but there are no auctions.

We also saw a show called “Cosmic Collisions,” narrated by Robert Redford, in the ship’s unique planetarium. This is located in the Illusions Lounge and is the only one at sea, as far as I know. The seats underneath this huge dome lean back and the film plays on the large, curved overhead screen. The effects are tremendous and even a bit scary at times.

Last night was also our first formal night. Although we were all gussied up, the evening ended up being a bit tame for us as we are early-to-bed folks and all of the partying started after 10 p.m.

However, we did catch the early show which featured clarinet player Kenny Martyn who gave a rousing performance. His Benny Goodman set definitely played well with the crowd, which tended to be 70+.

Tomorrow I will give you a number of brief observations that Chet and I have made about the ship since boarding.

June 18, 2012

Photos by Chet Janssens


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