Viking.TV ~ Museum Mondays

On Viking’s recently launched Viking.TV, a new digital platform designed to provide enriching cultural content and livestreaming video experiences from around the world, today is “Museum Mondays.”

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Museum Mondays – Viking is a longtime sponsor of Oslo’s Munch Museum and hosts “Munch Moments” onboard its ocean ships every afternoon, showcasing a curated collection of Norway’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch.

On Viking.TV, Museum Mondays will take the place of the onboard event, and viewers can expect streamed sessions with the museum’s director and various curators, providing virtual privileged access to exhibitions, experts and restoration facilities. Additional museums may also participate in the future.


Cover photo: 1890s silver punch cooler decorated with longboat at Nordic Museum in Stockholm illustrates historical influence of Vikings on Scandinavian culture.


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