Trends we are seeing after the Costa tragedy

We at AllThingsCruise have received many calls and queries and requests for interviews since the Costa Concordia accident in Italy. So we put our heads together to and came up with this report:

1.      Bookings are still pouring in at a “Wave Season” Rate.  Our sister site, CruiseCompete, has encountered very few cancellations and we believe those that wish to travel via cruise ship will continue to do so.  Those we may be missing are those consumers new to cruising that this may affect as they may choose another type of vacation as they have in the past.

2.      Cruise prices may go down.  Not seeing that currently, but they may fall in the short term.

3.     Smaller ships and river ships, those that tend to hug the coastline, will become even more popular. Some cruisers will prefer sailing in vessels where they can “see the shore” most of the time.

4.     Carnival Corp. stock is taking a beating, but the loss of a large vessel would be damaging to any company, especially because of the deaths associated with it.

5.      Muster drills will be prioritized – Consumers say they will now pay more attention at muster drills, and ships will most probably schedule them immediately after all embarkations.

6.      Cruiser Comments – Very few comments from travelers

7.      Cancellations – Those that were queasy cancelled very quickly, it was a small number

8.      Safer time to travel – These next few months will be the safest time to travel, as all of the officers and crew will be looking very carefully at all policies and procedures.

9.      This is rare – Accidents such as this one are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry, and cruising continues to be one of safest means of travel among all types of vacationing.

10.  Cruise insurance – May become more popular

11.  Cruise line changes to policy – We have not seen any of the lines change cancellation policies. But you can be sure that they will be closely scrutinizing their emergency and evacuation procedures.

12.  Cruise ship design – You can be sure that cruise ship architects will be looking closely at their top-heavy ship designs and the puzzling fact that the ship tilted away from the gash in its side, rather than toward it.


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