12 Bad Behavior Mistakes to Avoid on Cruise Ships

  Maybe you cruise a lot. Some people seem to almost live at sea. Others are celebrating a major wedding anniversary or taking their maiden voyage. A ship carrying 2,500+ passengers weekly sees all kinds of people, behaving in all kinds of ways. Here are twelve examples of what constitutes bad behavior. Twelve Things You Shouldn’t be Doing Smuggling. Of course you wouldn’t do that! We’re not talking serious contraband, but things some people think won’t get …

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Destination Report – Barcelona

  We recently visit Barcelona for two nights, then two nights in Madrid and another two nights in Barcelona. Barcelona is a major cruise destination. Thinking of going? Here are some observations: Getting there. We flew American Airlines nonstop from Philadelphia. The flight is about eight hours. We traveled in coach with carryon luggage. Everything went smoothly. Arrival. Barcelona’s airport arrivals process takes some time. We arrived about 8:00 AM, getting onto an impossibly long line for …

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Madrid – Day by Day

  We recently flew to Spain for six days. Two days were spent in Madrid. We had a great time. Our travel is usually 100% self-directed. Hopefully you will be inspired to travel to Spain and spend some time in Madrid. Wednesday, May 1st: We booked the RENFE high speed train from Barcelona to Madrid. Tourist class seats ran about $75 each way. We booked online from home. Airport style security at the Barcelona train station. We …

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Six Unexpected Things Cunard Does Really Well

  Most big cruise lines know how to deliver luxury at a price point. As a veteran cruiser, you have your favorites. My wife and I are big fans of Cunard, having completed our 15th voyage and getting up to Diamond status in their World Club. Over time, we have discovered six things (you don’t think about) that Cunard does very well. Expedited boarding. Although the ship rarely feels crowded when you are at sea, there’s always …

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Is the Airport the Weak Link in Your Cruise Vacation?

  You are treated like royalty once you board your ship. It’s why you love cruise vacations. Unless the ship sails and returns to your home town, you have to get to the ship to start your vacation. This usually means flying. How can you improve the front and rear ends of your cruise vacation? If you are flying first or business class, the airlines take great care of you. However, most of us fly coach. If …

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Five Pleasant Surprise Features in Cunard Britannia Cabins

  If you sail with Cunard, the vast majority of the cabins are Britannia class. Outside cabins with balconies average about 260 square feet, about the same size as some Grill level accommodations used to be aboard the famous QE2. Today, ships are assembled like Lego blocks. These cabins are substantially the same size. You pay extra for location. We have always travelled in Britannia class. Over time, we have discovered several cool features. Ice Bucket in …

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Bringing Your Own Wine Aboard Ship

Which are you? For some people, taking a luxury cruise is a once in a lifetime event. For others, it’s an annual or semiannual event. The cruise industry places a high value on loyalty and repeat customers. They want you to consider their ships your home away from home. This includes wine fans. In most cases, yes, you can bring your own wine. What’s the Rationale? This might surprise you. Didn’t I read something about no liquor …

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Bryce Sanders’ Bio

Bryce Sanders

Bryce Sanders, President of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc., has provided training for the financial services industry on High Net Worth (HNW) client acquisition since 2001. He has been extensively published in various industry publications in the US, UK and Canada. He and his wife, Jane, are also avid travelers, explaining they are “married” to American Airlines, Marriott and Cunard. “Two of them need to be involved whenever we go anyplace,” says Bryce. Favorite hotels are Marriott Shanghai …

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