10 Tips For Dads Traveling Solo With Kids This Summer

These days, many dads live far from their kids and are getting ready for their annual Summer Vacation Visit.  Many count on vacations together to make up for all the time apart.  Other dads plan just-me-and-the-kids getaways camping, hitting ball parks or fishing. This all adds up to a lot of dads traveling solo with their kids. Such trips can help build happy memories and strengthen family bonds. Just don’t expect one perfect moment after another. The …

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Eileen Ogintz Bio

Syndicated family travel columnist Eileen Ogintz, creator of www.takingthekids.com, possesses over 20 years of experience as a journalist tracking travel trends, and is a mother who has traveled with her three kids (and other family members) across the U.S., the Caribbean and around the world on all kinds of boats from small yachts her family sailed themselves to mega ships, even a week-long kayaking trip in Glacier Bay. She is considered a leading national expert on family …

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