HAL in the Baltic: Restaurant confidential

ABOARD THE EURODAM – Can the world’s best French fries be found at a floating fast food stand? Better yet, can you order these crispy, crunchy, double-fried delights without standing in line? Just place your order – naked fries, smothered in melted cheese, or with a side of secret sauce – then go lounge by the pool until your beeper alerts you that your piping hot potato-strips-from-heaven are ready for pick up. Only one of the new …

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HAL in the Baltic: Reacquaintance with the Eurodam

ABOARD THE EURODAM – The Swedes have a word for the racing of the heart at the beginning of a journey when anxiety and anticipation collide, “resferberer.” On a morning that began under all-over baby blue skies, then turned leaden and drizzly during passenger emergency drill, ultimately concluding with spots of sunshine, the Eurodam departed the harbor at Copenhagen. A long line of 20 wind turbines, which, on a very windy day can produce up to 140 …

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HAL in the Baltic: An inland sea of raiders and traders

ABOARD THE EURODAM- I’m not looking for sympathy, but I feel compelled to reveal that I’ve been afflicted for many years with writus interuptus, an impairment known to but a few professional scribes. Long ago — in the last century during the disco era of the late 1970s — I tried my hand at writing for magazines with some success. Nevertheless, after a dozen published articles on travel and photography — produced with great agonizing effort by …

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