Tips for coping with small children on a beach holiday

You’ve booked an Asian beach holiday for you and your family because all you need is some rest and relaxation in a place that

Fishing Boat Hua Hin Beach by noomhh

looks a lot like paradise. Palm trees, snow-coloured sand, water bluer than a swimming pool and a sky that is rarely tainted by a single cloud is just what you are thinking about gazing out of your office at a grey sky and puddle-filled streets.

However, your kids might unintentionally scupper your plans. Children find it incredibly hard to sit still, they aren’t exactly fond of high temperatures and the word relaxation doesn’t really figure in their vocabulary. But there are ways to satisfy your desire to relax and your children’s needs to explore and play.

Firstly, you need to pick the right location. On The Beach has a large selection of family holidays that combine lazy beach life with plenty of action on the side. The average family holiday on offer consists of sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling and banana boat riding and sometimes kayaking and scuba diving depending on your children’s ages. If you pick locations such as Phuket you can make the most of the local beach-side facilities, like the activities mentioned above, as well as kids’ clubs that will take care of your children for a few hours a day so you can chill out and rejuvenate.

Maya Bay In Phi-Phi Island, Krabi Thailand by Phaitoon

Secondly, you need prepare them for the sun and heat. Children can become miserable when it’s hot so it’s best to avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day, 11am and 2pm. Alternatively, these are the times you need to be in the water cooling off. If you can’t avoid the heat, try and factor in an afternoon nap in an air-conditioned room so your kids don’t become over tired from heat exposure. They also need to drink plenty of water, so have lots of kids’ size water bottles on hand.

Remember to stock up on high factor suncream to protect their delicate skin from the sun. Boots has a great range of suncare products including high factor waterproof sun protection.

Finally, arrange a few activities away from the beach. Man-made options such as water parks and theme parks should keep the whole family entertained without too much effort, while cycling and hiking trips through lush rainforest may require more action but should please your little explorers.

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