The Top Ten Reasons Travel Enthusiasts Should Know About AllThingsCruise

Want to send a unique travel e-card giving friends and family hard to find actual ship phone numbers, plan a wedding at sea, or find out about a shore excursion that includes dinner with a Sheikh?  

Then pay a visit to AllThingsCruise.  With the wealth of online information available to today’s travel consumer, this comprehensive, up-to-date cruising website is the premier source of information for the many aspects of cruising.

Here are the ten best reasons that cruise travel fanatics will love this site.

1.  AllThingsCruise E-Cards

Unique to the AllThingsCruise site, these beautiful e-cards offer visitors the opportunity to provide contact information onboard a ship, invite a friend on a cruise, or send a Bon Voyage card to someone taking a cruise.   These cards are a distinctive way to communicate the details of a cruise…in style.

2.  The Latest Cruise & Port Reviews

Don’t settle for outdated reviews- travelers need current information!  With the constant changes in the cruise industry, recent information is the key to making informed decisions.  Read up-to-the-minute reports and reviews from fellow travelers.  Find out everything there is to know about the ships, itineraries, destinations, and the onboard experience.

3.  The Blogs

Travel vicariously.  The site’s blogs, authored by seasoned travelers Cynthia Boal Janssens and Heidi Allison-Shane, provide information on the sights, sounds and experiences of popular travel destinations.  Get their opinions and find out latest cruise news and offerings that the cruise lines are providing.

4.  The Lowdown On The Lines

Looking for information related to a specific cruise line? AllThingsCruise has it in spades; check out their Research Your Cruise page.  Visitors can find the line that best matches their interests, lifestyle, and budget. 

5.  How-To: Basic Travel Planning

Unsure of what to pack for your cruise? AllThingsCruise has helpful articles, videos and checklists to make packing easier.  Or use their Cruise Budget Tool to help figure costs for your next trip.

6.  Port Information

AllThingsCruise has a comprehensive listing of all ports in the U.S. There are cruises leaving from more ports than ever, some may be within driving distance.

7.  Plan A Dream Wedding

Interested in a wedding at sea?  A beautiful choice, and almost every cruise line offers a package that can help plan a dream wedding. Get things started with AllThingsCruise’s wedding page.

8.  Family Vacations

Thinking of planning a family cruise vacation?  Not every line is created equal when it comes to traveling with kids.  AllThingsCruise provides information about which lines are your best bet for family travel.    

9.  Cruise Ship Employment Information

Want to explore the world via cruise ship? One way to do it is to work for the cruise lines. AllThingsCruise provides information on how to get a job on a cruise ship and what to expect from the experience.

10.  Cruising Perks

Repeat cruisers get special amenities and rewards. Find out more about the benefits on AllThingsCruise loyalty programs page, and add one more reason to love cruising.

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