The Talented Traveler

Been there, done that. It’s a pretty frequent remark for many of today’s travelers. Today’s frequent travelers are demanding more. They now know that all hotel rooms are not equal, that all cruise cabins are not all the same size, and the service at both can fluctuate significantly. An in suite bath? Of course, but is it one of those small shower compartments that have a hand held shower that I must hold over my head? No thanks. Scratchy towels? No more. King size bed, great…but, what’s the thread count of those sheets? Feather pillows are available, right? Great balcony views, love ‘em…but, of what? From what floor/deck? What side of the hotel/ship?

You get the picture; this new wave of talented travelers wants some detail… a lot of detail. They have indeed been there done that, and know better than to depend on glossy brochures and flowery language for their travel assessments. They are discerning, selective, and cultivated in their travel requirements. They live well at home, and they intend to live well when they travel. It’s not the cost, it’s the value.

The Talented Traveler seeks the details, and knows where to look. Perceptive reporting on transportation services, accommodations, and food & beverage are the rule, with unique destinations built-in. So, if you are finished with swarm travel, and have turned pro; The Talented Traveler is your source. Being choosy does not necessarily cost more.

Mr. Garrett’s 40 year career in the Travel & Tourism Industry includes public and private experience with hotels & resorts, travel destinations, food & beverage facilities, cruise lines, airlines and travel writing. He currently holds the designation of Professor Emeritus after teaching Travel and Tourism for 25 years. He has also been there and done that!

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