The Short List- Restaurants to Visit in The Galapagos Islands

1.      ANKER mar to table Puerto Ayora

Latin Seafood, Contemporary, Vegetarian Friendly

2.      Almar Puerto Ayora

Ecuadorean, Vegetarian & Vegan Options

3.      Coco Surf Puerto Villamil

Latin Seafood, Ecuadorean, Vegetarian & Vegan Options

4.      IslaGrill Puerto Ayora

Bar, Seafood Barbecue, Vegetarian & Vegan Options

5.      Los Kioskos Puerto Ayora

Latin Seafood, Barbecue, Ecuadorean, Vegetarian Friendly

6.      Finch Bay Restaurant Puerto Ayora

International, Contemporary, Ecuadorean Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly

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Image courtesy of photographer Kurt Soderling.

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