The new Norwegian Breakaway successfully completes sea trials

Norwegian Breakaway is one step closer to her official debut in May, successfully completing technical and nautical sea trials off the coast of Norway and Denmark. You might be interested in just how a big cruise ship is tested. Here are some details from Norwegian:

“In order to assess the ship’s speed, the Captain, navigational officers and representatives from MEYER WERFT tested all of the various power outputs for the propellers. The speed was then adjusted to various levels at each power output level. Every speed test that Norwegian Breakaway underwent was successful and exceeded the required technical specifications.

The Breakway (Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)
The Breakway (Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

“To demonstrate the agility of the ship, Norwegian Breakaway performed a ‘Williamson’s Turn,’ to determine how well the ship would be able to turn around in the event of an on board emergency. The “Zig Zag” test was also conducted to demonstrate the ship’s ability to rapidly maneuver away from danger ahead, while still maintaining its forward course. Norwegian Breakaway passed both of these important tests successfully.

Norwegian Breakaway also executed a successful ‘Turning Circle’ test that is conducted by powering the ship at full speed ahead and then quickly turning on the azipods, the ship’s propulsion units, to monitor the behavior of the vessel. When conducting the Turning Circle test, a certain minimum diameter is required in order to prove the ship’s seaworthiness and Norwegian Breakaway successfully executed all tests.

“A ‘Crash Test’ was also performed. This test is conducted by running the ship full steam ahead and then quickly reversing the azipods in order to assess the ship’s stoppage capabilities. The stoppage is monitored in terms of time and distance and Norwegian Breakaway exceeded all of the standards set.

“Finally, noise and vibration tests were performed to ensure that there is proper insulation between all staterooms, corridors and public areas. Wind levels on Norwegian Breakaway’s pool deck and The Waterfront, the ship’s outdoor dining and recreational area, were also assessed.”



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