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Jackie Kennedy Classic Look Triple Strand Pearl Necklace
Jackie Kennedy Classic Look Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to travel the world.  I’ve seen exotic locations, sampled some of the best cuisine to be found, and shopped in fabulous world markets.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed during my various cruises is purchasing gifts for loved ones, both on the ship and onshore.  Several years ago, I was in a cruise line gift shop and spied some jewelry that I absolutely loved.  I should have purchased it right then and there, but I decided to wait, and come back for it.  Unfortunately, I forgot.  And for years, that memory plagued me…how I wished I had bought it when I had the chance!

Recently, purely by coincidence, I found that same jewelry again!  It was then that I realized that AllThingsCruise could provide a store, for many of the travel items, conveniences and gifts you might purchase while traveling.

Please, take a look!  You might find something you want, need, or something you wished you had purchased in your travels.  (And don’t forget to check out the jewelry, I personally think it’s beautiful.)

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