The Love Boat Cast Talks About Cruising

The Love Boat cast talks about cruising
The Love Boat cast talks about cruising

ABOARD THE REGAL PRINCESS-The Love Boat television show will be forever a part of the history of Princess Cruise Lines. So when the original cast comes onboard the newest ship and starts recounting stories of their escapades during filming, it’s a unique glimpse into the earliest memories of the company’s history.

The cast that portrayed Captain Stubing, Gopher, Isaac, Doc, Julie and Vicki joined together for a Q&A session the day after the official naming ceremony of the Regal Princess. In an informal chat in Princess Live! Lounge, they candidly discussed first kisses, favorite co-stars, and best ports of call.

DSC03961“The thing that has made this show and this industry so great is the accessibility of enjoying something so great and so luxurious,” said Fred Grandy, who portrayed the role of Gopher. “Before The Love Boat aired, cruising was only for the very, very rich. The show allowed everyone at home to be transported to exotic ports of call in their living room, and when travelers did decide to cruise, they found an affordable option now available.”

Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruise Lines, joined the cast in the Q&A. As she listened to their stories, Swartz seemed to enjoy their tales just as much as the passengers onboard.

“I watched every single show,” Swartz said. “You came into my living room every week. In some ways, you raised me,” she said to the cast of The Love Boat.

Jill Whelan, who played Captain Stubing’s daughter Vicki, talked about having her first kiss during taping, an experience that wasn’t as magical as she had hoped for. DSC03955

Lauren Tewes, who portrayed Cruise Director Julie, recounted a heart-warming tale of her family’s history with cruising.
“My mother and father saved up for two years to take a cruise in the early 1970s,” she said. “Because they had been paying for so long, they had to take the cruise, even though my mother was battling cancer.”

“My mom went into remission, and for one week she had such a great time while sailing. When she came back, she told me ‘The one thing that you must do for yourself in your lifetime is to take a cruise.’ She died soon afterwards, before I got the role on The Love Boat. She never did see me work professionally, but every time I walk onboard a cruise ship I think of her and what she said and that I’m making it happen.”

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