The Gulet Cruise: Stormy Weather


Serdar had warned us that it would get rough and he was right.  We awoke to overcast skies and high winds, and the captain decreed that we would stay in the protected harbour at Knidos until the seas were calmer.

unnamedNo problem.  We all found corners out of the wind to read or catch up on emails. We had lunch inside the main cabin – a delicious lamb moussaka – and then, around 4 pm, the skies lightened and the wind seemed to reduce.  We headed out of the harbour for the next anchorage.

It proved to be a pretty rough trip, but exciting.  The skies were filled with lightning, and darkness fell before we made landing.  The air was saturated with the smell of oregano from the islands we passed.unnamed1

I was almost disappointed when we anchored in Bozburin, but dinner awaited.  We took the dinghy into the town and dined in a small outdoor restaurant, Kandil, which had a big refrigerated display case where you could choose your lamb or salad or fish. We enjoyed meze, salad with a pomegranate molasses dressing, stuffed octopus, sea bass and halva, finished off by Turkish coffee. The local kitty cats circled under the table for scraps.

Great day on the ocean!

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