The Galley Market Lunch, a Seabourn tradition, is the highlight of our last day at sea

Today is the final day at sea on this Seabourn Spirit cruise. This is our eighth day at sea on this 20-day cruise and everyone I talk to is regretting it. We have all come to love these sea days, maybe because it is on these days that we really get to know one another.

Our trivia team

For example, today our Trivia Team, “The Latecomers” finally gathered a full complement of 10 players…Peter, Jim, Chet, June, Tony, Jenny, June, Cindy, Paul and Monica. In the end, we ended up third of the five teams! A respectable showing, considering we just got together a few days ago. But now we all know one another and this has been great fun. Today’s stumper: Which island in the Canary Islands flies the flag of Scotland?

Right after Trivia we all headed down to Deck Three for a food extravaganza called the Galley Market Lunch. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Seabourn is pulling out the “food stops” on this luncheon rather late in the cruise. This is the best food we have seen the entire trip and I gather that this lunch is done on all Seabourn cruises.

They served luscious raclette

You pass through line into the galley…you are first offered a chilled vodka (many varieties, cleverly chilled in real ice buckets) Then you move on to a very authentic Swiss raclette…the hot swiss cheese on bread with appropriate accompaniments: boiled potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions, proscuitto and sliced sausage. Yum! This may be the single best dish I have had on the cruise.

Then there is a big sushi spread…where has this been for the past 10 days? Then lots more salads and seafoods, a pasta bar, cold salmon, hot salmon, sliced prime rib, slice turkey, soup and all the accompaniments. Oh yes, there were fried soft shell crabs, chips (french fries) and many other goodies. All at once and all for lunch!

Fresh sushi captured many's fancy

Then, of course, the dessert table which included everything from Cherries Jubilee to Baked Alaska. Is this overkill? Yes, absolutely.

While most everyone loved it, we all agreed we would rather see it spread out a bit. On days at sea and many other days when we sail at 1 or 2 p.m., there is little to do around 5-6 p.m. One day on this cruise they had a fun caviar event on the Sea Deck. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a few more of these…perhaps a raclette one day, sushi another day, creative pizzas another day, a huge fresh-cooked salmon another day? It just seems we would be able to enjoy it so much more!

Dinner at the alternative restaurant “2”

The Tastings menu at Restaurant 2

It is all the rage these days for ships to offer alternative dining and Seabourn has followed that trend by offering special dinners in its Veranda Café in the evening, renamed “2.”  Each evening some 40 people are served very special meals. Most are themed…like Indian, Spanish, Thai, Trattoria and Asiate. Some evenings they offer special dinners called Tastings, where the whole menu is set and you are served small plates for all courses.

Being new to Seabourn, there was something that we did not realize right away: It is extremely hard to get a reservation for “2.” You have to be in line or call 48 hours in advance to get one of the cherished spot. Not only is the food good in “2,” but you are able to dine al fresco (outside) on the aft of the ship and it is a lovely evening experience. (Unfortunately, the main restaurant on this ship is located on Deck 3 and is dark in the evenings.)

Waitress Leigh, Jim Telford at "2"

But last night we lucked out and about 6:15 p.m. we received a call from “2” telling us they had a cancellation and did we want to come for the Tastings dinner? We grabbed the chance…Chet was eager to get out of his tuxedo (only a jacket is required in “2”)…and we joined Jim and Amy Telford for a lovely time. The whole experience was grand and we recommend it. There is no surcharge for this restaurant on Seabourn.

Today’s putting contest results

Today we joined a gang on deck for a golf putting contest. This is definitely a more-luck-than-skill endeavor but I am proud to announce that Chet won for the men today! I did not do so well.

Chet's prize in the putting contest
Chet's prize in the putting contest

Tomorrow we reach Thailand and then have five days visiting Malaysia before we end in Singapore.

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