The first formal night on the Emerald Princess has little to do if you are a little too late

Jim and Maureen

AT SEA on the Emerald Princess — Today was another day at sea, with rough waters most of the morning, but smoothing out in the afternoon. Still, most people were confined inside for the day.

But the usual hum of activity continued, the only odd thing being that the casino was not open “due to local regulations.”

I did sit in on some of the art auction. Princess is one of the lines that still runs these…like many frequent cruisers, I bought some art over the years but am over that and out of wall space. Still, I like to hear the patter. They run this auction somewhat differently in that the auctioneer will talk at length about one artist and then show 5-10 works by that person and offer them all at once. Not sure it is all that effective, because when I left he had only sold about eight pieces overall. Frankly, I am all for ending onboard art auctions like RCL has done.

This was our first formal night. But despite Chet looking great in his tux (and there are fewer and fewer men wearing them, most opting for dark suits) and a very nice dinner the evening ended on a strange note. We opted to eat a bit early so we could make the 8:15 show…but when we arrived at the Princess Theatre at 8 p.m. it was full, and so was the Explorers Lounge for the comedian’s show. (They kept telling us to come back for the 10:15 show…not going to happen).

Brenda and Ham

Unfortunately, the casino was still closed. So then we went to Crooner’s but that show did not start for another hour. So then we ventured into Club Fusion…a DJ spinning tunes but no one there. So we ended up in the lovely Adagio bar on Deck 16 and there was just us, the bartender, waiter and piano player. This is such a lovely room but this was getting downright depressing. So we went back to our cabin, hung up the fancy stuff and read our books. Oh well…into bed at nine on formal night!

Actually, the best part of today was our lunch…we had such great company that we sat at the table and talked for almost an hour after. We enjoyed meeting Jim and Maureen from Lethbridge, Alberta, and Tom and Kathy from Whitby, Ontario, and Brenda and Ham from Cary, N.C. (who became beekeepers after retirement…plenty of discussion about that!)

Here are some other nice folks we have met thus far:

Bella and Norm from New Zealand

Carol and Al from Winter Park, Fla.

Tom and KathySheila and Frank from Vancouver Island, B.C.

Glenn and Claire from Redlands, CA

Esther and Jerry from Calgary, Alberta

Betty and Walt from Richardson, Texas

Judy and Arthur from Punta Gorda, Fla.

And we know we will meet many more!


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