The end of Marcia’s Getaway cruise…seven days go so fast!

Farewell, adieu, so-long.

All good things come to an end. Today’s the day we wind things up, pack everything we so carefully unpacked on Saturday into suitcases which by 11 tonight must be placed in the hall for pick-up, We will be off the ship around 8 a.m. and Lois will make her 12:11 flight back to New Jersey and I have a party at 1p.m.

The key part of that sentence is “carefully unpacked.”

Our stateroom, 14868, is lovely. It is furnished well with a taupe-toned carpet augmented by turquoise pops of color here and there. The beds are comfortable and we have both slept well all week.

In other words, the room is comfy if compact. Our balcony is small but beautiful and the ever-changing sea the reason I keep sailing,

So what if we are bit crowded? Twice daily service by our room steward Garfield and plenty of fresh linen has kept the room tidy and welcoming. And there really is sufficient storage space. It’s just that it’s in awkward places.

The closet has between three and four feet of hanging space. We are two women who have spent our lives traveling, packing and unpacking. We have fairly filled the closet.

When I go into the closet, I must make certain Lois is out of bed and needs nothing from the adjacent storage shelving where she has her foldables, where the safe is situated and where I keep my shoes.

My t-shirts, etc., are on oddly-spaced shelves below the desk, next to the refrigerator. Other storage space can be found under the room’s third bed – two wide drawers that one bends down to fill.

So, yes, there is sufficient storage space for a week’s cruise. The cabin accommodates three and I think that would be terribly crowded.

The bathroom, on the other hand, has more space than most. In addition to the great shower – which I wrote about earlier – we have room for all the lotions and potions one can imagine.

Corridors feature Norwegian’s signature fish. Heading aft? Walk against the path of the school of fish. Forward? Follow them.

Dali, Disney and Sea Days

Getaway features Park West Art gallery auctions daily. Thursday, the gallery showed a short film, devised in the mid-1940s by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, who hatched their plan at a party at the home of movie mogul Jack Warner, The film sat in the vault for more than 50 years. “Destino” is a love story to Dali’s wife and meshes surrealism with animation. It is delightful and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Thursday was our last sea day. It found people shopping on board and in the gym (yes, I actually went to the gym). They soaked up sun, and kids did their things in the Aqua Park and in the varied children’s programs. Guests jogged, played mini-golf or opted for the sports deck activities.

Trivia games, sing-a-longs and game shows in the Atrium were standing-room only events last night, while theater-goers raced to see “Legally Blonde.”

Of course those with sufficient derring-do did the ropes course and the rock wall. Me? I couldn’t even watch.

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