The Circumnavigator’s Club, for Those Who Have Circumnavigated the Globe

The Circumnavigators Club is the only organization devoted to bringing together those who have circumnavigated the globe. The Club’s purpose is to encourage global fellowship and understanding. It strives to inspire people to see and absorb as much as they can about the world in which we live. It is devoted to providing those who have circumnavigated the globe with a forum for intellectual exchange.

The goal of the Club is, “Through Friendship, To Leave This World A Little Better Than We Found It.”

The Circumnavigators Club is not a travel club; it is a Club of travelers.


(from Club application)

Membership in the Club shall be given to individuals who have made, in one or more trips, a complete circumnavigation of the globe in one direction, crossing every meridian. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and possess something more than a superficial interest in other countries. The applicant shall be of such general character, personality and reputation as to meet the requirements of any social and educational club of superior standing.

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Photo credit: Namibia: Burchell Zebras at water hole in Etosha National Park ©Dennis Cox/WorldViews

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