The Casual Luxury of Oceania Cruises ~ Tune in to CruiseCompete Podcast #2 with Bob Durnan of Cruise Vacation Outlet

Tune In with CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein to Podcast #2 about Oceania Cruises casual luxury

Oceania Cruises is known for its high-end, casual country-club-style luxury.

Join host CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein and guest Bob Durnan of Cruise Vacation Outlet for an in-depth discussion of the Oceania experience.

In the discussion, Bob Durnan shares his insider knowledge gained as a top luxury agent and a veteran of 54 cruise sailings.

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CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein is the host of this series to educate and entertain potential cruisers, as well as to share tips, ideas and inspiration to help make your next cruise a fantastic experience.

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