The best laid plans…grandson Jakob ends up flying home from London and Marcy boards the Queen Mary 2

The best laid plans, etc.

Or, more simply, stuff happens.

I had planned our trip to London and return via the Queen Mary 2 for six

On Thursday evening, Jakob and I boarded Virgin Atlantic flight 0006 from Miami to Heathrow. We watched movies – with more then 50 to chose from  we each chose ZERO DARK THIRTY, had dinner and flew serenely and comfortably in Premium Economy at 650 mph. We slept and early next morning I had breakfast of scrambled eggs and coffee.

Jakob said he wasn’t hungry. I didn’t immediately notice he seemed kind of withdrawn.

I was excited. I always am landing in the UK and found it amazing that I had slept in a middle seat.

We disembarked, exchanged dollars for British pounds sterling, found our luggage and a cab, and were in London by 1 p.m.

We opted to take a sightseeing bus to get an overview of the city I care for so much. Jakob tried to be enthusiastic, but couldn’t seem to get into the swing of it

We exited the bus and walked to the top of Picadilly Circle to the original Hard Rock Cafe (the home from which I moved three months ago was one mile away from Hard Rock in Hollywood, but this was the original.)

Jakob didn’t feel up to eating.

When we got back to the hotel, Jakob did not feel well and we wound up watching TV and went to bed early.

On Saturday morning Jakob felt better and we went to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. He still had no appetite and was peculiarly quiet.

i didn’t want to push him, ask a million “mommy” questions or nag, and when he voiced an interest in going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum I was thrilled.

We did just that. He enjoyed most of the 300 celebrity figures and yet, it was now late Saturday afternoon and he still was unable to eat.

I called my son — several times — and we decided that Jakob would fly home on Sunday and I would continue on, boarding the ship in Southampton on Monday.

So long story short, Jakob flew home. I took him to Heathrow early Sunday morning, American Airlines handled him well, and I boarded the ship a day later.

I don’t know if he was ill — haven’t heard via email — or was seriously homesick or what. I was disappointed, not angry, a bit sad, but not with my grandson. I may have over-planned the holiday, I guess I’ll never know for sure.

The best laid plans and all that.

More about this wonderful ship, Queen Mary 2, Cunard’s flagship, next time.


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