Take a Peek … Our 2021 Family-Friendly Cruise Travel Planner

Dear Readers,

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While much has changed for the travel world, much has stayed the same. This book details quite a bit about the lovely cruises and the destinations they visit that will sail you around the world.

There will be many changes and, while they keep evolving, we wanted to allow families and travelers to enjoy this book.

In my opinion the cruise industry has always been very cautious and concerned about safety and cleanliness. I remember a moment on the Island Princess when it failed a health inspection. It was due to a large cake pan with a few dots of cake mix in the corner. How many of our kitchens have a similar issue?

Some of the changes we will all see when traveling via cruise ship are:

  1. More emphasis on individual health and safety
  2. More ways things are arranged to allow for personal space and enjoyment
  3. Fewer people congregating in one place, with more space for congregating
  4. Quick response to any potential concerns

If you have ever dreamt of seeing icebergs, please read on for learning about some of the places you may consider visiting










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