Kayaking excursion in Alaska- enjoying quintessential Alaskan wilderness

DAY 5 ABOARD THE WILDERNESS DISCOVERER— The old couple was sitting on their porch welcoming us into their home. At least I think they were welcoming us because they were two huge Bald Eagles watching us from a tree stump as we kayaked into an area of Port Houghton in Southeast Alaska known as the Salt Chuck. The harbor seals popped up in the water as if on cue, to say come play! Birds flew overhead. The …

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From Eagles to Starfish-The wildlife abounds in Alaska

DAY 3 ABOARD THE WILDERNESS DISCOVERER– I can’t help but eavesdrop but I can’t quite make out the gist of the conversation. Is the dad telling his child not to venture too far? Is the child telling his dad to lay off? The young one flies off. Did I mention this father and child are Bald Eagles and we are listening to their conversation from kayaks in spectacular Saginaw Bay on Kuiu Island in Southeast Alaska? We …

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Day one of our cruise of southeast Alaska

DAY ONE ABOARD THE WILDERNESS DISCOVERER — Southeast Alaska, the Inside Passage Liquid Sunshine. That’s what they call the rain in Southeast Alaska.   And we are enjoying plenty of it kayaking this morning outside of Dry Pass northwest of Ketchikan. We boarded the Inner Sea Discoveries Wilderness Discoverer late yesterday oin a rare sunny afternoon in Ketchikan. Our 78-passenger ship with 26 crew looks like a baby next to the giant cruise ships anchored nearby.  We have …

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