9 Over The Top Shore Excursions On Your Next Cruise

1. Heli-Ice Caving, Reykjavik, Iceland This incredible aerial adventure starts with a tour of the city, where you’ll view the surrounding mountains and lava fields. Your first landing will be the Hengill volcano. Although the volcano hasn’t erupted in over 2000 years, it’s still considered active with lava close to the surface and hot springs dotted across the mountain. You’ll then fly above Thingvellir National Park, Iceland’s first national park and one of the best geological wonders …

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11 Things You Want to Spend Money on While at Sea

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  Its true cruise ships are made of many, many profit centers. You might think once the ship pulls away from the dock, your objective should be to get as much as possible for free. After all, cruises were one of the first “all inclusive” vacations. (Although alcohol was usually separate.) Frugal or not, here are eleven things where you should part with some cash during your vacation. A drink in the best bar with the best …

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Perfect Day at CocoCay Vinfolapse

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  Take a tour of Royal Caribbean’s newest private island destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas. The island is offering exciting one-of-a-kind experiences that will top any bucket list including the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak and Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. To book a cruise on Royal Caribbean, please click here. Photo and video courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

Victory I Cruise: Henry Ford Museum Home of Priceless American Memorabilia

  A glass vial with the dying breath of famed inventor Thomas Edison. The maroon chair, still blood stained, where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford Theater. A folding camp bed that General George Washington actually slept in during the Revolutionary War. Henry Ford was a collector. As one of the world’s first billionaires, Ford had the money to collect whatever struck his fancy. Instead of expensive works of art or precious gems, however, Ford liked …

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How to Explore a Port Destination on Your Own

  “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium.” The title of this 1969 movie might have a familiar ring if you are on a cruise stopping at multiple ports or islands. Many travelers walk off the ship, stroll along the main street, stop in a few jewelry stores, have lunch at an overpriced restaurant with indifferent service and head back to the ship. Over dinner, they remark: “All these islands are the same.” How can you make …

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Ocean ships, river cruises add new shore excursions, active tours

More choices require more research to target experiences that are right for you In Germany on the Rhine, my riverboat, the Viking Hild, stopped in the historic city of Mainz. The vessel’s basic complimentary walking tour included monuments to art and history, markets, churches, and the fascinating museum of Johannes Gutenberg where travelers may see two of the 29 remaining copies of the Gutenberg bible. All good, except what I wanted to see in this port, on …

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Harley-Davidson Museum is hog heaven for bikers and non-riders

Standing beneath a large photograph of his ancestors, Bill Davidson says the business those men built is “a Cinderella story.” “What they created is a great experience. Our look, our sound, the feel of our motorcycles is recognized around the world,” he says. “We attract people from all walks of life.” That Davidson last name, of course, is half of the iconic product that is celebrating its 115th birthday this year. The other half of the name …

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Icebergs, bears await intrepid cruise travelers in Alaska’s wilds

Book early, as many small group adventures, like these, sell out before the summer cruise season starts Inside Passage, Southeastern Alaska-Clunks from chunks of ice, the submerged parts that we could not see, delivered an unnerving soundtrack as our metal boat danced among a thousand icebergs on a zigzag path toward the great LeConte Glacier. For nearly an hour out of the Alaska port of Petersburg, we had been traveling at a pretty good clip, seven of …

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The Best Excursion Yet…

We always try to balance out our trips with fun adventure and relaxation, and the adventures always leave us with the best memories. We have been looking for a great location to try a canopy tour (aka. zip lining) and we found the BEST expierience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our trip was booked through Vallarta Adventures, and outstanding company with a reputation of professionalism, safety and most of all FUN! They have a ton of tour options, …

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Best cruising experiences require pre-trip plan-From $100 lunch in Italy to advice from a Headhunter in Borneo

Travelers booking a cruise typically spend lots of time deciding on a ship, cabin and itinerary, but often wait until boarding day to consider what they will do in various ports along the voyage. Yet planning ahead for port stops may yield one of the highlights of your cruise. Here are some of my favorite cruise moments during 2015. Most were off the ship, involved eating, and were the result of significant planning using the Internet. Nearly …

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