Life in remote villages of the Upper Amazon of Peru

One of the highlights of a riverboat tour in the Upper Amazon was the opportunity to visit remote villages that sit beside the many rivers in the Pacaya-Samiria government reserve near Iquitos, Peru. During daytime village visits, our small tour group from Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic, off the riverboat Delfin II, seldom met any of the male residents. “Out working,” said our guide, Juan Luis. Daytime villagers mostly were young people, children and babies, and teenage mothers. In …

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Cruising the Upper Amazon of Peru

Anaconda, piranha and king toads, oh my! One day, on a cushy fall river cruise in the Upper Amazon Basin, our 10-passenger, motorized skiff was exploring tributaries, and tributaries of tributaries. Each sliver of water was smaller than the former, until we plunged into a jungle path clogged with vines, rotting logs, trees with twisting roots, weeds, and tall grasses. Our guide, Rudy Flores, was pointing out species of birds, buzzing insects, and the occasional three-toed sloth. …

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