From Daintree to Cooktown, Australia’s history and tropical treasures

third in a series from Queensland, Australia Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia, is a world treasure. Most of the huge park is tropical rainforest, some of which has existed continuously for more than 110 million years. It may be the oldest rainforest on Earth. Some plant and animal species have been found nowhere else on the planet. You can book a ride (or rental car) into Daintree from Port Douglas, north of Cairns, but you won’t get …

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Cairns, Australia, where crocs keep the beaches empty

second in a series from Queensland, Australia Much of what is accessible to travelers in northern Queensland, Australia, lies between Cairns and Cooktown. From Sydney, I flew into Cairns, then made my way north through Daintree National Park. The primary reason to go to Cairns is to book a snorkeling or diving boat to the Great Barrier Reef, either out of Cairns or nearby Port Douglas to the north, where I ate my first spangled emperor for dinner (look …

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Reef, Queensland’s history, lure cruisers north in Australia

First in series from Queensland, Australia A giant clam, which is a mollusk as big as a bear, opens wide to catch the sunlight. It sits on the shallow ocean floor at the Great Barrier Reef, where famed explorer Captain Cook scraped some serious wood off the bottom of his ship, the Endeavour, trying to squeeze through the coral in 1770. Nearby, along the coast of Queensland, Australia’s northeastern state, rain drips from the fronds of prehistoric …

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