Special Request, Regarding a Friend in Haiti

I personally know someone in Haiti who needs help.

Danita manages an orphanage, school and church plus feeds many others who are in need in Haiti. It’s called Danita’s Children, Hope for Haiti Children’s Center. Many of my friends have visited Danita’s orphanage in Haiti to help with construction, cleaning, cooking, sewing, taking generators and much more from the USA.

I would like to share her story with you. Danita was a model who felt there was a higher purpose for her in this life. She had spent some time in Haiti and, during one of her trips as she dined at a restaurant, her heart was breaking as she watched children rummage through the restaurant garbage for scraps of food. One little boy in particular seemed to make eye contact with her. As she watched him, a man came upon him and began beating him with a whip. She pushed the rather large man away and then began her mission in Haiti.

About Danita………………….and her orphanage. Although the Children’s Center is ok from the earthquake, they plan to take in some of the children who have lost parents in this catastrophe. Her full story is here:  http://www.danitaschildren.org/

Facebook is here. They only have about 800 fans. Perhaps in the next month or so this email will generate thousands for them:


Here are ways to give to the people in Haiti who really need our help. CruiseCompete is beginning this assistance with a donation of $1,000 to be sent today.


If you find this meaningful, it would be nice for you to send to some of your friends and ask them to help also.

Thank you for your consideration and warmest regards,

Heidi Allison

Publisher, AllThingsCruise

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