Spas At Sea- A Breakdown of Offerings

Massage tools, soap, bath salt and towelsImagine 25,000 square feet of seafaring space, all dedicated to relaxation and indulgence.  The new generation of opulent ship spas promote their services with features such as floor to ceiling windows, cushy dedicated waiting rooms, and customized products.  They incorporate aspects of Feng Shui, exotic cultural elements, and customized signature treatments.

Interested in booking a spa session on your next cruise?  Here’s some great information these amazing facilities by cruise line:


Cruise Line:  AIDA Cruises

Ships Official Spa Name: Body & Soul Spa

Clientele Breakdown:   Women are the primary users, but men also use AIDA’s various treatments. Classical massages are the most popular with men, but they also partake in Anti-Aging treatments, manicure and pedicure. Couples enjoy the wellness suite on board of the ships with sauna, heated waterbed, Jacuzzi and separate balcony.

Signature treatment:     A novelty and highlight of the new ship AIDAblu is the “Rasul ceremony”. A gentle bamboo peeling, mud packet with sesame-seed oil, coconut oil, sasebo-body butter and special tea ceremony are all part of this relaxing treatment.

Thermal Lounge:   The spa feature treatment rooms (offering shiatsu, massage, thalasso and hot stone treatments), sauna and steam room.

Special pricing or deals:  AIDA offers a sauna night including a special spa treatment like a body peeling.


Cruise Line: AMA Waterways (Amadeus)- Each ship offers a wellness area that includes a Fitness Center, Beauty Salon, and Massage room.  If cruising to Europe there is also a hot tub on board.


Cruise Line:  Azamara Club Cruises / Celebrity Cruises

Ships Official Spa Name: AquaSpa

Clientele Breakdown:  Approximately 70% female, 30% male

Signature treatment:  The Hot Stone/Aromatherapy massage- Heated stones are applied to key points of the body, along with traditional massage techniques and warmed aromatherapy oils.

Thermal Lounge:  The Persian Garden is an inviting, circular area with curved and heated tiled loungers, and a series of aromatherapy showers.

Special pricing or deals: Yes, special pricing for various spa treatments/packages are offered onboard at varying days/times, depending on the itinerary. Packages are communicated to guests through the shipboard daily newsletter, which is delivered to every stateroom nightly at turndown service.


Cruise line:  Carnival Cruise Line

Ship’s official spa name:  Spa Carnival on all Ships except the Splendor and Dream; on these two ships the spa name is Cloud 9 Spa.

Clientele breakdown:   Approximately 70% female, 30% male

Signature treatment:   The Bamboo Massage- warm bamboo shoots of various sizes that have been soaked in essential oil are used to roll and massage away tension.  It’s a very unique sensation and can be an extremely deep massage for those who like it that way.

Thermal Lounge: Carnival features a glass-domed Thalassotherapy Pool with heated ionized water and pulsating water jets.  There is also a sophisticated Thermal Suite with four climate-controlled rooms that have varying degrees of temperature. The thermal lounge offers a steamy environment that is the perfect temperature to encourage toxin elimination through the pores, like that of a sauna, except very gently.  There are heated benches and mild sauna and steam grottos as well as refreshingly cold showers.  Because the thermal lounge is so gentle, guests can lounge in there all day long if they so choose – but normally spend half an hour before a treatment to relax the body.

Special pricing or deals: Yes.  There are certain deals priced according to port and sea days. Check with the spa when booking for special pricing or deals.


Cruise line:  Costa Cruise

Ship’s official spa name:   The most popular is the Samsara Spa; it is featured on all of Costa’s newest ships and is one of the largest spas at sea.  The spa features numerous amenities including spa accommodations with direct access to the wellness center via private stairway or elevator and a wellness restaurant.

Clientele breakdown:   Percentages are unconfirmed, but Costa reports that the number of men frequenting the spa is continuing to grow every year.

Signature Treatment:   24 Karat Gold Leaf Mask -A luxurious mask made from 24 Karat gold leaf is available in the luxurious Samsara Spa aboard the Costa Deliziosa.  Heralded as the ultimate in rejuvenation, guests indulging in the facial mask will have gold applied and massaged into their skin until it disappears. The 24 Karat treatment is reputed to lift and firm skin, reduce wrinkles and clarify the complexion by speeding up cell renewal through powerful magnetic forces. It is inspired by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who was said to have applied a gold mask every night.

Thermal Lounge:   The thermal lounges include a rock sauna (a hotter version of classic saunas), a Turkish bath (either traditional or scented with gently-fragrant rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender) and a warm thermal bath called a Tepidarium.

Special pricing or deals:   Yes.  There are various promotions available at different times throughout the week.


Cruise line:  Crystal Cruises

Ship’s official spa name: Crystal Spa

Clientele breakdown:   There is a higher percentage of women who use the spa than men.  Men have been coming to get massages for years, but they have been increasingly coming in for grooming treatments, i.e. facials, shaves, scalp massages, manicures and pedicures.  Crystal offers a Time to Spa for Men series of therapies.

Signature Treatment:  Ceremony of Paradise- An Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual polishes and softens your skin, followed by a glow-restoring Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Facial, an anti-aging facial that instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finish the treatment with full body Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage for overstressed muscles in need of some personal attention.

Thermal Lounge:  No.

Special pricing or deals:  Yes.  In the Reflections daily newsletter, Crystal announces specials; there could be specials for a morning in port or a combo special.


Cruise line: Cunard Cruise Line

Ship’s official spa name:  On Queen Mary 2: Canyon Ranch SpaClub; Queen Victoria: Cunard Royal Spa & Fitness Centre

Clientele breakdown:    Approaching about 50% female / 50% male, as more men are discovering the pleasures and benefits of Cunard’s spa services.

Signature Treatment:     Canyon Stone Massage (Queen Mary 2) – Smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated. The weight and radiant heat of the stones, combined with a calming essential oil, penetrate muscle tissue and induce deep relaxation without overheating, persuading even the tightest muscles to let go completely.

The Shirodosha Experience (Queen Victoria) — Inspired by the ancient rejuvenating arts of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy, this multi-sensory treatment starts with bathing and polishing the feet with aromatic Himalayan salts in preparation for a powerful de-stressing Ayurvedic head massage. Then Shirodhara commences a continuous flow of warm aromatic herbal oils drizzled onto the forehead to calm and sooth. Finally, a full body massage restores vitality as Dosha-specific warm aromatic oils are drizzled over the body. Vital energy points are balanced, promoting total rejuvenation.

Thermal Lounge:   The Cunard Royal Spa & Fitness Centre on Queen Victoria features a Thermal Suite– perhaps one of the spa’s most sought-after offerings.  This relaxing space includes saunas, steam rooms, a meditation room, showers and a relaxation area.  Following the Thermal Suite experience, guests can enjoy a private 745-gallon Hydrotherapy Pool area with relaxation beds.  Luxurious robes and slippers will be provided.  Thermal Suite day passes are available for those guests not booking a treatment.

Special pricing or deals:   Deals are occasionally offered; check with the spa when booking.

Cruise line: Disney Cruise Line

Ship’s official spa name:  On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the Vista Spa & Salon.  On the Disney Dream, the Senses Spa & Salon.


Clientele breakdown:    This information is not available.

Signature Treatment:    Exotic Rasul- This sensual body treatment conditions and nourishes your skin while uniting the 4 fundamental elements of water, fire, earth and air in one spiritually uplifting experience. Aromatherapy massage oils are worked gently into the body, and then you’re invited to spread various miracle healing muds of different colors and grain sizes onto your limbs. Body and soul are elevated to a place of ethereal bliss. In the privacy of a secluded chamber and steam room, you can make liberal use of decadent facial care products, exfoliating creams and more.

Thermal Lounge:   Disney has rainforest-themed aromatherapy steam rooms and a sauna fashioned after a Roman bath. Warm tiled chairs soothe while fragrant vapors holistically elevate mind and body


Special pricing or deals:   There is no special or discounted pricing offered.


Cruise line:  Fred.Olsen Cruise Line

Ship’s official spa name:  Atlantis Health and Beauty Spa

Clientele breakdown:  Approximately 70% female, 30% male.

Signature treatment:  A popular service is the Fire and Ice treatment, lasting 75 minutes.  This is a luxurious hot stone massage that incorporates warm essential oils and releases muscle tension.

Thermal Lounge: No.

Special pricing or deals:  Fred.Olsen normally runs special pricing on days the ship is in port, as well as impromptu offers throughout the cruise.  They generally offer discounts on multiple services; passengers should inquire about deals when booking the spa.


Cruise line:  Hapag-Lloyd

Ship’s official spa name:   Ocean Spa

Clientele breakdown:   This data is unavailable.

Signature treatment:  The Pantai-Luar Massage – This Eastern Asia massage combines exotic herbs and spices and heats them up to 120’ C. These oils are then applied all over the body.

Thermal Lounge:  The spa has a lovely Japanese Bath with a circular tub, massage table and relaxation bed.  Facilities also include a Relaxation Room, Sauna and Steam bath.

Special pricing or deals:   The Ocean Spa offers special “Port Packages” when the ship is docked. The packages can be used at once, or over several days when the ship is anchored at various ports.  The three “Port Packages” are below:

“A Dream of the Exotic” package includes: a Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, an Eastern Asian Pantai-Luar massage with a milk bath, and a full-body peel followed by a comforting goat’s butter pack.

“Magic of the Ocean” package includes: a bath in a blue sea of relaxation, an algae cream full-body peel, two firming Thalgomince treatments, two facial treatments, and an Aromaceane full-body massage.

“Luxury from Head to Toe” package includes: two facials, two skin-tightening full body wraps, a Pantai-Luar massage, and a manicure and pedicure.


Cruise line:  Holland America

Ship’s official spa name: Greenhouse Spa & Salon

Clientele breakdown:   70% female, 30% male

Signature Treatment:  Hot Stone Massage: “Harnessing the properties of volcanic basalt stones, guests are  bathed in warm water and anointed with spicy, sensual aromas of the Orient. Deep penetrating heat from the stones massages the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit. 

Thermal Lounge:  The Greenhouse Retreat is a communal relaxation center that has an ambiance similar to a Turkish Bath. Different grottos and chambers release a variety of dry heat, steam and mists into the air with aromatherapy filled vapors. Relax on a heated ceramic lounge and allow the pressures of life to rinse away.

Special pricing or deals:  Yes.  Specials are published in the Daily Program which is delivered to each stateroom. Specials vary from ship to ship, and often come on port days.


Cruise line:  MSC Cruises

Ship’s official spa name:  MSC Aurea Spa

Clientele breakdown:    It skews a bit toward women but men are increasingly taking advantage of MSC spa services.

Signature Treatment:     The Golden Jasmine is an incredible experience; guests are indulged with a 45-minute Balinese massage, followed by a 45- minute Balinese foot massage and a 60- minute facial.  Then, the day comes to a close with the one hour and 20-minute Balithalasso “Flowers and Sea” treatment.  It is an aromatic scrub with scented flower, coffee or tropical fruit essence.  Then comes a Vichy shower followed by a seaweed application.

Thermal Lounge:   MSC’s thermal areas include a steam and sauna room; the steam rooms are absolutely gorgeous works of art.

Special pricing or deals:   Yes. There are package prices and specials, usually for days at ports of call.


Cruise line:   Orion Expeditions

Ship’s official spa name:   Vega Health Spa

Clientele breakdown:  Approximately 80% female, 20% male.

Signature treatment:  The Papua New Guinea Mud Man Wrap is the ultimate 105-minute body wrap.  Its purpose is to eliminate toxins and deeply hydrate and soothe the skin, and the treatment begins with a drybrush exfoliation for improved circulation.  This is followed by a warm botanical and mineral rich mud wrap that can help arthritis, dry and sensitive skin, acne or cellulite. While wrapped, enjoy a scalp and facial massage, followed by a warm shower, and luxurious coconut cream massage.

Thermal Lounge: No, but there is a sauna (with ocean view!).

Special pricing or deals:   Pricing is constant, and the line works around the daily expeditions onshore.


Cruise line:   Paul Gauguin Cruises

Ship’s official spa name:    Deep Nature Spa by Algotherm.

Clientele breakdown:  Approximately 55% female, 45% male.

Signature treatment:  Paul Gauguin’s signature Bora Bora Deep Blue Treatment uses the benefits of the deep sea water products specially created by Algotherm (the Elixir and Devine cream).  It includes a moisturizing oil effleurage (a typical Swedish massage, for the top layers of skin) followed by a relaxing massage.

Thermal Lounge: No.

Special pricing or deals: Yes.  Paul Gauguin offers special prices or packages during port days (8a-7:30p) and special “early riser” promotions.


Cruise line:  Princess Cruises

Ship’s official spa name:   Lotus Spa

Clientele breakdown:  The actual ratio of men vs. women is currently unavailable, however, Princess offers a complete listing of services for men called Time for Men.

Signature Treatment:   Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow with Massage – Warm oil is dripped luxuriously all over your body before Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied. We then apply Exotic Island Flower Body Lotion, leaving your skin feeling replenished and vibrant. After rinsing away the salts, you will receive a Deep Tissue Muscle Massage.

Thermal Lounge:   Thermal Suites are available on nine of Princess’ ships. The Thermal Suites are a communal relaxation center that has the ambiance similar to a Turkish Bath. Different grottos and chambers release a variety of dry heat, steam and mists into the air with aromatherapy-filled vapors. Relax on heated ceramic loungers and allow the pressures of life rinse away.

Special pricing or deals:   Yes, on days that the ship is visiting a port.  Many passengers are not aware that the Lotus Spa is open during port days and specials are offered on a variety of rotating services.  If a guest is planning on staying onboard during the port stay, rather than embarking upon a shore excursion, they might want to take advantage of the specials at the spa!


Cruise line:  Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC)

Ship’s official spa name:   Canyon Ranch SpaClub®

Clientele breakdown:    This information is not available; they do not have statistics.

Signature Treatment:      Acupuncture – This ancient, well-proven therapy balances energy, stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and encourages a state of relaxation while relieving tension, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances and the side effects of smoking cessation. Acupuncture also enhances the immune system, relieves pain and promotes general well-being. Your treatment will be adapted to your needs.

Thermal Lounge:    The aromatic steam room- Breathe deep and soak in the benefits of penetrating steam infused with pure plant essences in our temperature-regulated aromatic steam room.   The Finish Sauna allows passengers to enjoy the health benefits of nurturing heat. Our traditional Finnish sauna with a classic hot and dry cabin is lined with Nordic cedar and heated by a hidden stove. Promotes increased circulation, relaxes muscles and soothes aches.

Special pricing or deals:    Certain promotional treatments are only available during limited

periods of the voyage, for example on a specified port day.


Cruise line:  Royal Caribbean International

Ship’s official spa name:  On Oasis of the Seas, it is called the Vitality Spa and Fitness Center. On the other 20 ships, it is the ship’s name plus DaySpa: for instance, Freedom of the Seas’ spa is called the Freedom DaySpa, and Voyager of the Seas’ spa is called the Voyager DaySpa

Clientele breakdown:   70 percent female, 30% male

Signature Treatment:  The Vitality Spa on Oasis of the Seas offers a 24-karat gold facial.   
Thermal Lounge:   Yes, the lounge features a beautiful tiled interior with luxurious lounge reclining lounge chairs and three Tropical Rain Shower units for guests to rinse off or cool down.

Special pricing or deals:   Yes.  Discounts will vary, but treatments while the ship is docked at a port of call are generally cheaper.


Cruise line:  SeaDream Yacht Club

Ship’s official spa name:    SeaDream Spa

Clientele breakdown:   Approximately 70% female, 30% male.  The line reports many couples who use the spa together.

Signature treatment:  Traditional Thai Massage with Herbs- The treatment begins with Tai Massage, a  combination of stretching movements similar to Yoga, performed to enhance joint and body flexibility.  Afterwards, herbal compresses are applied to add to the experience.


Thermal Lounge: SeaDream has a Sauna and a Steam room, complimentary use for guests.


Special pricing or deals: Yes.  The line offers 15% savings for SeaDream Club Members.

Cruise line:  SilverSea Cruises

Ship’s official spa name: The Spa at Silversea

Clientele breakdown:  Statistic unknown.

Signature Treatment:  A huge favorite with the guests: Acupuncture offered at The Spa aboard Silver Spirit .

Thermal Lounge:  Aboard Silver Spirit there is a ceramic-tiled Thermal Suite, an exclusive spa area furnished with heated lounge chairs.  With its connecting private Hammam (Turkish bath) Chamber, it serves as the setting for the Private Hammam Experience where guests can indulge with an ancient Arabian body scrub ritual performed by a therapist in their private Hammam Chamber.  The Hammam Experience offers a greater exfoliation, because the intense heat of the Thermal Suite will have softened and opened the pores, allowing for enhanced nourishment of dry skin and optimum absorption of oils.  The Hammam Experience can be enjoyed as an individual treatment or as a prelude to a massage.


Special pricing or deals:  There may be special package prices offered during the course of a long voyage or during days in port.


Cruise line:   The Yachts of Seabourn

Ship’s official spa name:   The Spa at Seabourn

Clientele breakdown:  Seabourn reports that percentages vary from cruise to cruise. The spa clientele tends to be more women than men, but men utilize the steam, sauna, hydrotherapy and massage regularly.

Signature treatment:  Seabourn is also the only cruise line that offers Thai mat massage, and is also the only cruise line that offers the line of Skinceuticals serums and treatments. Practitioners must be licensed for these award-winning, results-based products and treatments.

Thermal Lounge: The spa at Seabourn features a hydropool and heated loungers, which also have the capability for guests to plug in their personal iPods or MP3s.  The newest ship, Seabourn’s Sojourn, will have a Kneipp pool instead of a hydropool, and new “cocooning” loungers.

Special pricing or deals:   The Spa does offer promotional packages from time to time throughout the cruises.


Cruise line: Uniworld:  “In terms of spa treatments we offer facials, pedicures and manicures-being a river cruise we don’t have big spa facilities like the big cruises.”


Cruise Line: Viking River Cruises- there are no spas on board their ships.

Cruise line:  Windstar Cruises

Ship’s official spa name:  WindSpa

Clientele breakdown:   65% female, 35% male

Signature treatment:   O SPA Fire and Ice Ancient Stones Massage – Ancient stones carrying the energy of the earth, invigorate and stimulate the body as warm essential oils are drizzled over the body and the hot stones release the tension trapped deep within the muscles.

Thermal Lounge: WindSpa offers numerous co-ed steam and sauna facilities, and a luxurious relaxation lounge complete with robes, towels and slippers.

Special pricing or deals: WindSpa does offer onboard specials on certain sailings.


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