Smoke Free At Last!

In most circumstances these days, smoking is not permitted in public areas.  Here in California, we’ve got some of the strictest anti-smoking legislation in the country.  (In fact, in the city of Calabasas (in southern California), they prohibit smoking anywhere a non-smoker could congregate, including public sidewalks!) This push toward a smoke free environment has been welcome social change for many of us; I, for one, have never enjoyed the smell of smoke (with the exception of maybe a campfire) in my hair and clothes.

Change has come more slowly to the cruise lines, but they are taking steps to make their ships a more smoke-free environment.  It’s due in large part to some interesting survey results: Carnival found that nearly 90 percent of their passengers are non-smokers, and less than 5 percent of all passengers choose to smoke in their cabins.  In response to these findings, Carnival has made some significant changes to their smoking policies.

Three lines (all owned by the Carnival Corporation) – Princess, Carnival and Holland America- have recently banned smoking in cabins.  The ban will go into effect within the next 6 months;  December 1st for Princess, and January 15th for Carnival and Holland America

Princess will prohibit smoking in all staterooms and balconies, while smoking will still be allowed on the balconies of Holland America and Carnival ships.  (Note: They intend to enforce this new policy- guests who violate the stateroom rule will be charged a $250 fee.)

As for the public areas, (this was effective June 16, 2011) Carnival allows smoking only in dance clubs, specified areas in the casino, and in some of the bars. There are also designated smoking areas on the open decks.

These are great changes for the many cruisers who have allergies or health concerns related to smoking…and those of us who simply prefer a smoke free environment.

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